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Car hits a traktor BAM! 00:19
Car hits a traktor BAM!

by bizhat
2235 views, 5419 days ago

Awesome Race Crash! BAM! 00:44
Awesome Race Crash! BAM!

by bizhat
2174 views, 5419 days ago

Action Compilation 02:09
Action Compilation

by bizhat
2119 views, 4830 days ago

Crash Backwards! BOOM! 00:44
Crash Backwards! BOOM!

by bizhat
2075 views, 5419 days ago

Car Wipe Outs! BOOM! 01:37
Car Wipe Outs! BOOM!

by bizhat
2059 views, 5419 days ago

Kid Runs Over His Friend In A Car 00:05
Kid Runs Over His Friend In A Car

by bizhat
1801 views, 4832 days ago

Transformer car 00:10
Transformer car

by bizhat
1745 views, 4830 days ago

Chariot and a horse 00:54
Chariot and a horse

by bizhat1
1679 views, 4535 days ago

future weapon -fighter plane 09:54
future weapon -fighter plane

by bizhat
1574 views, 4538 days ago

 Caught on Tape: High Speed Motorcycle Crash 00:10
Car Horn Jump  00:12
Car Horn Jump

by saash
1493 views, 4666 days ago

test asfd 03:20
test asfd

by djtrey361
1491 views, 5095 days ago

Bike Crashes 01:06
Bike Crashes

by bizhat
1464 views, 4830 days ago

Horribly Splattered 00:18
Horribly Splattered

by hisham
1439 views, 4923 days ago

Top Gear: Ford GT Review 13:05
Top Gear: Ford GT Review

by bizhat
1430 views, 4829 days ago

Terrible plane crash crushes people 02:41
Terrible plane crash crushes people

by bizhat
1423 views, 4802 days ago

Luckiest motorcycle save 00:15
Luckiest motorcycle save

by bizhat
1375 views, 4802 days ago

Motorcyle accident -- two stunt riders collide 00:10
Spider car 02:35
Spider car

by bizhat
1341 views, 4803 days ago