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Floor Marking Tape Creative Safety Supply


Added on Jul 4, 2012

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Visit us at http://www.creativesafetysupply.com/SafetyTac-Tape for our SafetyTac industrial and warehouse floor marking adhesive tapes. The following video demonstrates the durability of our SafetyTac high-quality floor tape as a direct alternative to concrete floor painting or line coating systems. Floor Tape vs. Concrete Floor Paint: Why should you switch from using paint? Because our modern, engineered tapes perform as well or BETTER than paint--even epoxy paints. In test after test, SafetyTac held up under extreme conditions, and it is EASY to install, which will reduce employee installation time. If a section needs to be replaced, you just cut out the offending segment and replace with a new piece--no need to scrape up old paint, re-prime, paint, seal, and drying/curing time! We even have additional videos explaining how to do it. Additionally, SafetyTac also has tapered edges that resist "catching" from wheels and dragging materials. Visit us at http://www.creativesafetysupply.com/SafetyTac-Tape , or give us a call at (866)777-1360.

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