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Install Ubuntu Desktop in Virtual PC Part 3


Added on Jun 6, 2011

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Note: This video series is out of date and is for an older version of Ubuntu. Please see the new series, Install Ubuntu Desktop in VMWare Server for current versions of Ubuntu. Please see the new series, Install Ubuntu Desktop in VMWare Server. This series of three videos shows how to install Ubuntu Linux Desktop in Virtual PC. These instructions are demonstrated on Windows but apply to the Mac version of Virtual PC as well. Installation in Parallels Desktop for Intel Macs is similar. The general technique is also applicable to current versions of VMWare.There are some tricks to getting Linux to work in Virtual PC and other virtualization software due to the default video depth settings in most Linux distributions. Why do it? To experiment, to learn, and for instructional purposes. Try before you (don't even have to) buy. The video is divided into 3 sections due to length limitations; view all three for the complete instructions. Ubuntu Linux version 6.10 is a free download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/6.10/. Total running time is about 28 minutes.

Channels: Education & Instructional  

Tags: Linux  Ubuntu  VirtualPC  Install  Parallels  VMWare  Virtual  PC 


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