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Sniper shoots gun right of out criminals hand!


Added on Oct 5, 2006

Length: 00:33 | Comments: 0

Sniper shoots gun right of out criminals hand! This sharp shooter snipes a gun out of an unwilling criminals hand!

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Tags: cool  sniper  shot  pwned  police  pistol  owned  nice  groovy 


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blackwiddow sniper dod 08:38
blackwiddow sniper dod
by bizhat
Views: 1000 | Comments: 0

Cop hit criminals off of their moving moped 00:09

Penn And Teller -  slight of hand trick 03:22

rnl sniper 02:29
rnl sniper
by bizhat
Views: 1038 | Comments: 0

DOD blackwiddow sniper 10:29
DOD blackwiddow sniper
by bizhat
Views: 923 | Comments: 0

Stair Case Hand Stand 00:38
Stair Case Hand Stand
by bizhat
Views: 1153 | Comments: 0

DOD spentnatz sniper 03:34
DOD spentnatz sniper
by bizhat
Views: 1118 | Comments: 0