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Airplane crashes into Hudson River: My Point of View


Added on Jan 16, 2009

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Living in NYC, I see weird things, but this takes the cake. Frequently asked questions: 1.You don't live in NYC, do you? Yes I live uptown on the West Side of Manhattan. 2.Are you that guy on the cell phone? No. 3. Why didn't you see the evac? - EMS and cops came, and I left to make room, I saw the first ferry head to the wreck though. It actually took a while to evac, because they were still evacing when I got back uptown. 4. Why do you say like a lot? -Like I don't know... An airplane crashed in the Hudson River and I saw it on my way to B&H, it happened right in front of my face. CRAZY!! EMS and tons of cops came, so I decided to head home and talk about it. By the time I got home, ferries had rescued everybody. Good thing that everybody got off okay! I love New York.

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