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Urban Sports; knock and don't run


Added on Jun 12, 2008

Length: 03:42 | Comments: 0

I tried to think what i would do if someone did this to me and I don't think i would kept answering the door like some of these people.

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Tags: answering  door 


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Little girl gets knocked down by a door 00:16

 Missing Glass Door Prank 00:23
Missing Glass Door Prank
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Polite door opening distances 01:08
Polite door opening distances
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Rally car nails people watching the race 00:25

Urban or Rural? 01:01
Urban or Rural?
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urban tree 00:43
urban tree
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Ring Knock Out 00:20
Ring Knock Out
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Funny knock knock joke skit 03:31
Funny knock knock joke skit
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