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Asians Learn Sexy English


Added on May 15, 2008

Length: 03:01 | Comments: 0

First they learn the words and then put them to use. I almost wet myself laughing when the guy goes, "Orh, Dis is Dick".You've got to hand it to them, they make some really funny (weird) clips.

Channels: Fights   Weird Videos  

Tags: weird 


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Weird/Freaky mirror
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Weird Al - Ebay
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That is one weird ass commerical 00:29
That is one weird ass commerical
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Learn Medical Coding 07:59
Learn Medical Coding
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Weird Al - Its All About The Pentiums 03:33

A funny laughing parrot 01:25
A funny laughing parrot
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Babies laughing will make you laugh 00:34
Babies laughing will make you laugh
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