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Unsuccessful Bank Robbery


Added on May 15, 2008

Length: 01:28 | Comments: 0

A couple with tickets to Magaluz just happened to be in the bank waiting for their travelers cheques.They choose the wrong day for a robbery.

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Bank robbery Crash 00:53
Bank robbery Crash
by bizhat
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Robbery, beating or both? 00:59
Robbery, beating or both?
by bizhat
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Midland Savings Bank building implosion 02:27

Bank Robber Mask 02:11
Bank Robber Mask
by bizhat
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Fantastic European commercial... for a bank 01:18

Helicopter take off gone way wrong 01:39
Helicopter take off gone way wrong
by bizhat
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Kandy Masquerade Tickets 02:00
Kandy Masquerade Tickets
by markjohnes
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Bike Theft Gone Horribly Wrong 02:31
Bike Theft Gone Horribly Wrong
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