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CNC Swiss Style Lathes, 4 Axis -- Ganesh Machinery


Added on Oct 22, 2012

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http://www.ganeshmachinery.com/ - CNC swiss style lathe without a guide bushing 4-axis 1.025" (26mm) (1.25" -- 32 mm optional) bar diameter Cyclone-25/32 CY 4 Axis (X,Z,C,Y)The CYCLONE-25 is a sliding headstock , which facilitates faster setups, greater workpiece concentricity, and superior cutting rigidity over guide bushing Swiss-style lathes. The CYCLONE-25 does not require the use of ground barstock or a guide bushing like the Swiss-style machines must use and the bar remnant is l/4 the wasted length. All of these features represent a significant costs savings when using this machine design. The CYCLONE-25 CNC screw machine configuration also allows for shorter cycle times due to the enhanced rigidity and the ability to aggressively rough-out material and finish with a second tool, all while achieving greater tool life. The CYCLONE-25 can use as many tools as necessary to rough and finish a feature on the workpiece, unlike conventional Swiss machines that are limited by the length of the guide bushing, and must make the rough and finish cut with one-tool in one-pass by micro-feeding the tool. These advantages are particularly evident in work with lower length-to-diameter ratios than when machining using a standardSSwiss-style lathe with a guide bushing. To view more ganesh products please visit http://www.ganeshmachinery.com/

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