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corrupt police


Added on Oct 17, 2012

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Exjg7PyT7i0&feature=youtu.be :- HELLO AND I'M EDGAR RAMIREZ TANGO NO FUCKING FEAR OF PLATES IN TIJUANA Joto I put that video to fuck A suckers. THIS IS NOT LLUEBOS gabacho ass and afraid but I, ALA VERGA ...... PLATES I kill, I sell CRYSTAL AND WEAPONS AND KNOW THAT I'M HERE FOR ALL VIA CHINGON BY ME IF YOU BELIEVE I LIVE IN TURTLES 722 AVE Playas de Tijuana and ME a fuck who knows where I live. THE PLATES ARE LIKE ASS AND THAT Gabacho CHIYONES JAJAJAJAJAJAJA Mirda he and his wife JAJAJAJAJA WITH FEAR AND WHO CARES IF Innocentes ESTAAAAAS ENNNNNN MEEEEEXICO PENDEJO PLATES FOR YOUR DICK TO SUCK YOU MUST BE THE SAME AS I CHINGON NI EDGAR BOJOURQEZ as write your fucking name nor do I care ..... joto

Channels: Fights   News  

Tags: policia  tijuana  corruptos  corrupt  police 


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