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Towelmate Fitness Gym Towel with Germ Shield


Added on Aug 14, 2012

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At the gym or spa, how many times have you said to yourself, "Ummm, which side of the towel did I use?" Wonder no more. Our Fitness Towel with Germ Shield is here to take the guesswork - and ick factor - out of using shared gym equipment. With our luxurious, patented dual-sided Fitness Towel, the GYM side touches the equipment; only the SKIN side touches you. Our proprietary Germ Shield* layer is sandwiched between two thick and thirsty, all-cotton towels that are clearly marked so you never wipe your face or eyes with the side that's been in contact with shared gym equipment. Don't want to use a locker or cubby? The Fitness Towel is all you need. With an integrated sport strap, plenty of hidden labeled compartments to hold your keys, wallet, gym card, ID, smart phone, iPod - your stuff stays right by your side. There are no more worries about lost or stolen gear, wet or damaged electronic devices, or the hassle of lockers. We've got you covered! Visit www.towelmate.com to view our innovative germ protection fitness towels with pockets- nothing keeps you safer!

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