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3000 BB's a Minute 00:56
3000 BB's a Minute

by bizhat
1583 views, 5474 days ago

One Pitcher Of Beer 02:21
One Pitcher Of Beer

by bizhat
1531 views, 5488 days ago

 Lightning Strikes Neighbors House 00:26
Lightning Strikes Neighbors House

by bizhat
1464 views, 5494 days ago

Dueling Shopping Carts 00:24
Dueling Shopping Carts

by bizhat
1520 views, 5494 days ago

Dude Gets Busted 00:31
Dude Gets Busted

by bizhat
1243 views, 5495 days ago

Chick Jumps into a Fight with a Kick to the Face 01:22
Nice Recovery 00:57
Nice Recovery

by bizhat
1420 views, 5496 days ago

Fat dude 00:12
Fat dude

by bizhat
3637 views, 6076 days ago

looks both ways when crossing the street 00:09
looks both ways when crossing the street

by bizhat
3460 views, 6082 days ago