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Best Buy Dancing Guy 01:26

Best Buy Dancing Guy

by bizhat
2452 views, 5678 days ago

Guy gets caught dancing at Best Buy

Action Compilation 02:09

Action Compilation

by bizhat
2326 views, 5678 days ago

Compilation of accidents, crashes, explosions and general mayhem!

Soldiers Take Out Statue 01:05

Soldiers Take Out Statue

by bizhat
1437 views, 5678 days ago

Hmmm, what can we do with this statue of Saddam? Wait I know..

Trick Soccer Penalty Kick 00:12

Trick Soccer Penalty Kick

by bizhat
2021 views, 5677 days ago

Check out this penalty kick. Looks normal at normal speed but watch as he actually kicks the ball from behind his right leg.

One Pitcher Of Beer 02:21

One Pitcher Of Beer

by bizhat
1579 views, 5671 days ago

Looks like our buddy who put down four beers in about 15 seconds has been upstaged by this dude who drinks a pitcher in under 12.

Annan Thampi Song 04:01

Annan Thampi Song

by image
1361 views, 5661 days ago

Annan Thampi Song

Giant dump truck crushes a truck 00:19

Giant dump truck crushes a truck

by bizhat
1209 views, 5657 days ago

A giant dump truck rolls over a regular truck with ease. The dump truck does not even stall when crushing the truck.

Coke Machine Jackpot 00:37

Coke Machine Jackpot

by bizhat
1073 views, 5649 days ago

Not your average coke machine hack. educational purposes only! Use this at your own risk!

PMBSC-19 08:32


by bendaddy
1043 views, 5093 days ago

Just more from our collection of video clips

deneme 02:24


by qqwwqq
1417 views, 5610 days ago

deneme deneme



by gumamela
1506 views, 5557 days ago

http://www.bronsonthemovie.com BRONSON is the evolutionary journey of Mickey Peterson into Britain’s most notorious and dangerous living prisoner CHARLES BRONSON. Originally sentenced to 7 years i...



by gumamela
1793 views, 5557 days ago

Official Website:http://www.bloodtrailfilm.com 15 years 3 wars 1 photographer Sarajevo, 1993. Robert King, a 24-year-old art graduate from Memphis aims to be the youngest ever Pulitzer Prize...



by bizhat
1290 views, 5544 days ago

Cleverest Bird

R.B.D. Ultras: 15 éves a Red Blue Devils / Vidi - ZTE 05:26

R.B.D. Ultras: 15 éves a Red Blue Devils / Vidi - ZTE

by caxor
1561 views, 5533 days ago

A RED BLUE DEVILS fennállásának 15. évfordulóját ünnepli! 2007. 11. 24. 13:00

Awesome God by John Abbott 03:30

Awesome God by John Abbott

by utheboss
1609 views, 5508 days ago

John Abbott can NOT sing. But he loves Jesus and shares that with you.

TEST 03:23


by devmanz
1022 views, 5491 days ago


Bullet For My Valentine - Tears Don't Fall 04:40

Bullet For My Valentine - Tears Don't Fall

by Dibiase
1312 views, 5470 days ago

Bullet For My Valentine - Tears Don't Fall

HSM2 - Bet On It(Chipmunk Style) 03:16

HSM2 - Bet On It(Chipmunk Style)

by Dibiase
1330 views, 5470 days ago

HSM2 - Bet On It(Chipmunk Style)

Basshunter - DotA(Remix) 03:04

Basshunter - DotA(Remix)

by Dibiase
1108 views, 5467 days ago

Basshunter - DotA(Remix)

xxxx 00:28


by gzip
1454 views, 5354 days ago


youtube fun 04:36

youtube fun

by Superior
1335 views, 5345 days ago

hay enjoy