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Knight Rider Bloopers 00:41

Knight Rider Bloopers

by bizhat
2747 views, 6270 days ago

Some classic Knight Riders bloopers with Michael Knight. This is worth it just to hear the Hoff yell \

Pumpkin Spits on New York 03:10

Pumpkin Spits on New York

by bizhat
4816 views, 6270 days ago

Flavor Flav keeps his cool while Pumpkin spits on New York during a good old fashioned catfight.

Sesame Streets 01:51

Sesame Streets

by bizhat
2386 views, 6270 days ago

This brilliantly inspired mashup features your favorite characters from Sesame Street, as directed by Martin Scorsese.

Iraq Hunting - Apache Style 01:07

Iraq Hunting - Apache Style

by bizhat
2931 views, 6268 days ago

Apache Helecoptor wipes out Iraqi Roadside Bomb Setters.

Hypocrite Foley on AMW: \ 01:03

Hypocrite Foley on AMW: \

by bizhat
2382 views, 6267 days ago

This is at the end: Representative Foley: \

meteor up close 00:25

meteor up close

by bizhat
3129 views, 6265 days ago

These guys are up close and personal for an incoming meteor that almost kills them looks fake

Cows humping and then falls over 00:04

Cows humping and then falls over

by bizhat
3278 views, 6265 days ago

cow love

High speed camera of bullets going through several objects 01:09

Gonna Make You Slug 00:53

Gonna Make You Slug

by bizhat
2435 views, 6263 days ago

animator makes little animation of some slugs getting down to a classic jam by C+C Music Factory.

White & Nerdy 02:51

White & Nerdy

by bizhat
2578 views, 6263 days ago

Weird Al\'s spoof of Chamillionaire is probably his most inspired effort yet.

Police Arrest 5-year-old 00:30

Police Arrest 5-year-old

by bizhat
3642 views, 6263 days ago

When a kindergartner started acting up, the police were called to take action. Now some lawyer is threatening to sue. SHARE THIS VIDEO AND PUT A STOP TO THIS MESS!!!!!!!!!!

Idiot Walks in Front of Car 00:29

Idiot Walks in Front of Car

by bizhat
4881 views, 6259 days ago

Idiot Walks in Front of Car from google video

Best penalty ever! 00:04

Best penalty ever!

by bizhat
10911 views, 6259 days ago

Best penalty ever!

Ghost Rider Trailer - Nicolas Cage - Viral Video Exclusive 01:58

Ghost Rider Trailer - Nicolas Cage - Viral Video Exclusive

by bizhat
4395 views, 6259 days ago

Nicolas Cage is Ghost Rider, the cyclist with the flaming head. Based on the Marvel character, stunt motorcyclist Johnny Blaze gives up his soul to become a hellblazing vigilante, to fight against ...

demo reel 08:00

demo reel

by netfreehost
1833 views, 6111 days ago

demo reel

park 00:11


by park
3064 views, 6060 days ago


testing 00:35


by ricardo10
1445 views, 6035 days ago


Baseball accident 2 00:32

Baseball accident 2

by bizhat
1841 views, 5990 days ago

Can he have children after this? It must have hurt!

瀬戸の花嫁 00:29


by hekoking
1107 views, 5974 days ago


University Marketing video - Egg Drop 01:07

University Marketing video - Egg Drop

by godrifle
2272 views, 5961 days ago

Witness the hilarity of a university Marketing Professor introduce concepts to his class, by dropping eggs down a three story stairwell!

Toy plain 01:22

Toy plain

by paparazzi
1265 views, 5953 days ago

Toy plain