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Fast Food Tackle 00:58

Fast Food Tackle

by bizhat
1175 views, 5255 days ago

Tackle me some free lunch!

Hot Chick Gets Away With Anything 00:47

Hot Chick Gets Away With Anything

by bizhat
4411 views, 5255 days ago

Smoking hot chicks get away with anything!

Will Ferrell Sings to Lance Armstrong 05:50

Will Ferrell Sings to Lance Armstrong

by bizhat
742 views, 5255 days ago

I didn't know Neil Armstrong was his father!

The Amazing Racist Islam 00:57

The Amazing Racist Islam

by bizhat
1147 views, 5255 days ago

is this real? Can't be

Water Cooled Hard drive 01:17

Water Cooled Hard drive

by bizhat
1484 views, 5255 days ago

That should cool things down a bit!

Human Space Invaders 02:58

Human Space Invaders

by bizhat
899 views, 5255 days ago

Very cool, must have taken all day

Speed Reading 01:59

Speed Reading

by bizhat
1466 views, 5255 days ago

Erm... Could you repeat that again please?

Strange Japanese Gameshow 00:57

Strange Japanese Gameshow

by bizhat
1174 views, 5255 days ago

The art of beating the crap out of green dough without having your hand smashed to pieces. Well, that's what it looks like anyway. Hmmmm....

 Dry Ice Experiment 01:03

Dry Ice Experiment

by bizhat
1053 views, 5255 days ago

I dont know know why but I am always amazed by dry ice for some reason.

Homemade Rollercoaster 02:34

Homemade Rollercoaster

by bizhat
871 views, 5255 days ago

Cool! Well that looks like fun for a whole 5 minutes.

Mr Pillow Head Vs Treadmill 00:14

Mr Pillow Head Vs Treadmill

by bizhat
1078 views, 5254 days ago

As if that was going to protect him.

Diet Coke And Mentos 2nd Experiment 03:01

Diet Coke And Mentos 2nd Experiment

by bizhat
1136 views, 5254 days ago

Do these guys actually work? They always seem to be messing around with Diet Coke and Mentos.

Borat Interview On CNN 03:27

Borat Interview On CNN

by bizhat
1603 views, 5254 days ago

The reporter can hardly keep herself together.

Kinda Gay 00:38

Kinda Gay

by bizhat
1004 views, 5254 days ago

Too commentators are discussing how players are meant to catch the ball. One of them goes too far.

Pi Freak 02:44

Pi Freak

by bizhat
1152 views, 5254 days ago

Guy recites 22500 decimal places of pi by memorizing it. There are no patterns to follow, the numbers are so random.

Bendy Finger 00:24

Bendy Finger

by bizhat
735 views, 5254 days ago

This makes me cringe

Testing A New Laser 01:26

Testing A New Laser

by bizhat
1437 views, 5254 days ago

This guy just got a brand new laser and wants to test its strength, How many balloons will he be able to pop?

Nitrogen Triiodide 00:23

Nitrogen Triiodide

by bizhat
938 views, 5254 days ago

After reading the description of this stuff I thought it be cool to mess around with but then you see a feather lightly touch it and it blows up.

Female Bodybuilder Poses 02:04

Female Bodybuilder Poses

by bizhat
1226 views, 5254 days ago

How could anybody find this attractive? I'd sleep with one eye open, she's a monster!

Guy Wrecks A Brand New Bike 00:15

Guy Wrecks A Brand New Bike

by bizhat
1210 views, 5254 days ago

He attempts to load it into the back of a truck. It's got to be the slowest crash on Your Daily Media. It's a shame it stops short but you can stil picture what happened next.

Mirko Cro Cop Highlights 04:00

Mirko Cro Cop Highlights

by bizhat
1465 views, 5254 days ago

Another evil fighter you just wouldn't want to mess with.