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Invisible Skating 01:46

Invisible Skating

by bizhat
1174 views, 5676 days ago

This is a video of a group of guys who used the green screen technique on skateboards. They made their skateboards green then digitally removed the boards. Cool effect!

Sweet collection of amazing bike stunts 00:56

Sweet collection of amazing bike stunts

by bizhat
1167 views, 5657 days ago

Good compilation of amazing bike stunts. Watch the pros do some crazy jumps. My favorite was mid way through from the top of a phone booth to a bench to the pavement all in three motions.

test video 01:27

test video

by steveberra316
1165 views, 5482 days ago


Ryan Leech Rides Cable 00:31

Ryan Leech Rides Cable

by bizhat
1163 views, 5678 days ago

This guy rides his bike along a tiny cable.

Jay Culter 01:00

Jay Culter

by winny
1163 views, 5071 days ago

Jay Culter

Mr Pillow Head Vs Treadmill 00:14

Mr Pillow Head Vs Treadmill

by bizhat
1161 views, 5677 days ago

As if that was going to protect him.

Cat and Dumb Owner 02:27

Cat and Dumb Owner

by bizhat
1158 views, 5676 days ago

The owner is scarier than the cats

After School Cat Fight 01:15

After School Cat Fight

by bizhat
1156 views, 5679 days ago

Be careful who you screw with

SIgn up right away!! 02:35

SIgn up right away!!

by bizhat
1154 views, 5675 days ago

Get out your check book!

Roofie Roulette 05:12

Roofie Roulette

by bizhat
1152 views, 5676 days ago

Frat boy pranks are carried to a horrifying extreme in this dark comedy. Featuring comics from NYC's Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.

Poker Playing Dog 01:23

Poker Playing Dog

by bizhat
1151 views, 5677 days ago

This little terrier wins a game of poker.

Mexican Theme Park 01:57

Mexican Theme Park

by bizhat
1146 views, 5649 days ago

I want to go to this theme park just to try and get away. Its really ghetto but actually sounds like a cool idea.

 Criminal Uses His Car To Bash Cops Out Of The Way 01:03

Criminal Uses His Car To Bash Cops Out Of The Way

by bizhat
1144 views, 5677 days ago

Move will ya?! What were they using to break the windows?Rubber trucheons?

Knife Defense Video 01:43

Knife Defense Video

by bizhat
1133 views, 5676 days ago

Next time try running!!

Stripped by a Bull 00:26

Stripped by a Bull

by bizhat
1130 views, 5675 days ago

Stripped butt naked by a crazy bull!

Pregnancy Test Results

by bizhat
1127 views, 5671 days ago

A happy young couple excited to start having children sit and wait the results of a pregnancy test.

Waterslide Into Lake 00:10

Waterslide Into Lake

by bizhat
1112 views, 5676 days ago

This looks friggin awesome. A bunch of guys create a waterslide with a ramp at the bottom that shoots them into a lake.

Car Jump Face Plant 00:37

Car Jump Face Plant

by bizhat
1110 views, 5679 days ago

This guy is no Jackie Chan

Human Video Pong 01:45

Human Video Pong

by bizhat
1102 views, 5678 days ago

These are real cute!

 Dice Stacking 02:27

Dice Stacking

by bizhat
1101 views, 5677 days ago

Very cool dice stacking video clip

Playboy Mansion Kandyland Party 04:19

Playboy Mansion Kandyland Party

by markjohnes
1100 views, 4332 days ago

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