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がんがるだ 05:15


by lunapic
1232 views, 5780 days ago


Diet Coke And Mentos 2nd Experiment 03:01

Diet Coke And Mentos 2nd Experiment

by bizhat
1229 views, 5677 days ago

Do these guys actually work? They always seem to be messing around with Diet Coke and Mentos.

Nov 2005 13:05

Nov 2005

by JLBVideos
1229 views, 5605 days ago

Dan on tape

skateboards reallity show 01:00

skateboards reallity show

by sibichan
1228 views, 4958 days ago

skateboards reallity show

Pi Freak 02:44

Pi Freak

by bizhat
1226 views, 5677 days ago

Guy recites 22500 decimal places of pi by memorizing it. There are no patterns to follow, the numbers are so random.

Playboy Kandy Masquerade Party 2012 03:11

Playboy Kandy Masquerade Party 2012

by markjohnes
1224 views, 4334 days ago

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Expoexotique 05:06


by gaetan
1215 views, 6031 days ago

French interview for a new pet event

Ramsan, The festival of Oneness 04:04

Ramsan, The festival of Oneness

by sibichan
1212 views, 5538 days ago

Ramsan, The festival of Oneness

Stair Case Hand Stand 00:38

Stair Case Hand Stand

by bizhat
1208 views, 5677 days ago

Doing a hand stand down the stair case seems like a really good idea right?It turned out to be a very painful decision.

Staifi 06:14


by setif19
1201 views, 5277 days ago


Borat Antique Shop 00:53

Borat Antique Shop

by bizhat
1200 views, 5677 days ago

Borat in the Antique Shop

Professor Smashes Cell Phone 00:38

Professor Smashes Cell Phone

by bizhat
1196 views, 5677 days ago

What did you learn ?

Backyard Fight Ends In Knockout 03:31

Backyard Fight Ends In Knockout

by bizhat
1195 views, 5677 days ago

This is probably one of the best backyard fights I have ever seen. The fight is pretty close, lasts about two min, and ends in a knockout punch.

ssddd 01:45


by arpunpun
1194 views, 5339 days ago


BMX Face Plant Ouch 00:22

BMX Face Plant Ouch

by bizhat
1191 views, 5679 days ago

This will really leave a mark .

test video mpg 00:30

test video mpg

by sibichan
1191 views, 4810 days ago

test video mpg

Jiu Valley 05:30

Jiu Valley

by mircea
1187 views, 6028 days ago


Hmong Ib Sim Neej 04:08

Hmong Ib Sim Neej

by kobeyaj
1181 views, 5181 days ago

Final fantaxy.

Лимон 09:36


by adrianov
1180 views, 5568 days ago

школьная программа

Amazing Acrobatics 02:26

Amazing Acrobatics

by bizhat
1178 views, 5677 days ago

I've never seen anything like this. The way he balances on his head and gets passed from one person to the other is amazing!

Dude Rolls Jeep Doing Donuts 00:14

Dude Rolls Jeep Doing Donuts

by bizhat
1177 views, 5676 days ago

Some dude is messing around on the street doing don