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Office Olympics: 00:09

Office Olympics:

by bizhat
1290 views, 5590 days ago

A few guys after work decide to have an Office Olympics and a Hurdles challenges. Keep your eye on the guy on the right. Funny video

 Caught Cheating 02:03

Caught Cheating

by bizhat
1282 views, 5612 days ago

What to do if you get caught cheating

Nutcases Jump From a Huge Bridge 00:23

Nutcases Jump From a Huge Bridge

by bizhat
1278 views, 5613 days ago

This looks fun!

london 04:43


by Tikky
1273 views, 5436 days ago


An Exclusive Update from Steve-O! 00:36

An Exclusive Update from Steve-O!

by bizhat
1268 views, 5610 days ago

Steve-O Here: Wow, do I have an assload of news for you.Get this! Jackass: Number Two opens on 9/22 and I have another movie and my own TV show coming out this fall. My new Sneaux shoes commercia...

Skater Slams His Head 00:15

Skater Slams His Head

by bizhat
1266 views, 5614 days ago

Can you feel that? I can!

Making Out 00:19

Making Out

by bizhat
1261 views, 5610 days ago

Making out against a car.

[eng sub] SBS Heroes ep05 part 2 10:01

[eng sub] SBS Heroes ep05 part 2

by hallyustorm
1257 views, 4284 days ago

Credits : SHSubs for subbing for more korean variety show please visit http://hallyustorm.blogspot.com

Eskimo Fishing 00:21

Eskimo Fishing

by bizhat
1256 views, 5609 days ago

A typical day for an eskimo fisher

Coca Cola Vending Machine Hack 02:45

Coca Cola Vending Machine Hack

by bizhat
1252 views, 5611 days ago

Kid shows you how to get 2 or 3 drinks for the price of one.

testtesttesttest 03:01


by wkdsounds
1242 views, 5871 days ago

does it work?

Amazing Trampoline Acrobatics 02:18

Amazing Trampoline Acrobatics

by bizhat
1232 views, 5611 days ago

Amazing Trampoline Acrobatics

Cosplay Wigs Tutorials : How to use a curling iron on a wig - CosplayDNA 00:49

Cosplay Wigs Tutorials : How to use a curling iron on a wig - CosplayDNA

by cosplaywigsluv
1230 views, 3917 days ago

http://stores.ebay.com/CosplayDNA-Wigs-for-Cosplay Hey Cosplayers! CosplayDNA here with a new tutorial on using curling irons on our...

Unicycle Bowl Trick 00:42

Unicycle Bowl Trick

by bizhat
1222 views, 5612 days ago

While riding a uniclycle she flicks 5 bowls balancing on her foot onto her head. You're not going to believe this!

がんがるだ 05:15


by lunapic
1221 views, 5714 days ago


How To Blow Up A Boat 01:12

How To Blow Up A Boat

by bizhat
1221 views, 5609 days ago

Blow them up real good!!

donny more twisties 00:02

donny more twisties

by sibichan
1221 views, 4659 days ago

donny more twisties

Jackass 2 Movie - Firehouse Rodeo 00:30

Jackass 2 Movie - Firehouse Rodeo

by bizhat
1220 views, 5614 days ago

You know this will be awesome!

Beach Walk April 2009 01:22

Beach Walk April 2009

by nashamiki
1220 views, 5217 days ago

The family takes a walk on the beach in Merang Suria Resort, Merang Kuala Terengganu, April 2009

Pi Freak 02:44

Pi Freak

by bizhat
1218 views, 5612 days ago

Guy recites 22500 decimal places of pi by memorizing it. There are no patterns to follow, the numbers are so random.

Redline Appliances Repair 00:38

Redline Appliances Repair

by redlineapp
1217 views, 3678 days ago

Redline Appliances. 138 W 25th St 10th Floor, New York, NY, 10001, (212) 671-2581. We are NYC appliance repair company servicing washers, refrigerators, dryers, dishwashers, freezers, stoves, micro...