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Modern Kitchen Taps for Your Kitchen 00:38

Modern Kitchen Taps for Your Kitchen

by jameshenry505
1514 views, 4102 days ago

Not just to serve the waters but also with their elegant and artistic designs, the kitchen taps are best to harmonize the with the overall ambience of your kitchen. Available in varieties of design...

Latest Style Lotion Dispensers 00:37

Latest Style Lotion Dispensers

by jameshenry505
1507 views, 4102 days ago

The lotion dispensers are available in varieties of designs, shapes and colours and materials such as stainless steel and plastic, these are best to suit any bathroom ambience. Good to maintain hyg...

Golf Carting 00:30

Golf Carting

by bizhat
1504 views, 5675 days ago

This golf pro gets a hole in one...

Firework display 00:58

Firework display

by bizhat1
1499 views, 5389 days ago

Kanichukulangara Devi temple (Alappuzha Dt) one hour long fireworks on 23 Feb 09 attracts ten thousands of pilgrims. Kalashakettu has a deafening sound, lot of smoke and heat.

Explosive Collision 00:07

Explosive Collision

by eville84
1496 views, 5992 days ago

250 red agents and 250 blue agents collide in a furious explosion near the center of the battlefield. While blue agents are relatively aggressive, red agents essentially want to fight everything is...

Milan Modern Bath Filler - Chrome 00:47

Milan Modern Bath Filler - Chrome

by jameshenry505
1486 views, 4153 days ago

Modern tap range featuring a stylish lever design combining sharp angles with sweeping curves. The Milan Modern Bath Filler would be suitable for any modern bathroom.

two wheel driver 01:44

two wheel driver

by sibichan
1467 views, 5536 days ago

two wheel driver

Kungfu Soccer 00:30

Kungfu Soccer

by bizhat
1463 views, 5670 days ago

HA YA! Soccer Kung Fu Style

 dsajkl djas 02:44

dsajkl djas

by ChiTz
1447 views, 5458 days ago

sdjasudyasuyasu yasu d

Funny Answer on Family Feud 04:13

Funny Answer on Family Feud

by bizhat
1446 views, 5679 days ago

Takes all kinds to make a game show

Gargling Dog 00:29

Gargling Dog

by bizhat
1443 views, 5680 days ago

Sick of that disgusting dog breath? Forget those mint flavored bones, teach your dog to do this! I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Motorstorm Trailer for PS3 01:57

Motorstorm Trailer for PS3

by bizhat
1431 views, 5679 days ago

Awesome Trailer for new game on PS3

Kid Toys 00:31

Kid Toys

by bizhat
1429 views, 5675 days ago

Kid playing with his toys, but there's one that isn't hi.

The Annoying Thing 00:42

The Annoying Thing

by bizhat
1429 views, 5675 days ago

A cool but annoying 3D creature

Chicken Dinner Factory 02:04

Chicken Dinner Factory

by bizhat
1429 views, 5675 days ago

I Love Chicken???

Chicago Social Media Agency eBizUniverse 1-800-379-2829 04:06

Chicago Social Media Agency eBizUniverse 1-800-379-2829

by ChicagoSocial98
1425 views, 3562 days ago

Chicago social media agency http://www.ebizuniverse.com specializes in Social Media Marketing and engaging your connections. We optimize your social media ...

Bikers jump a moving ramp 01:44

Bikers jump a moving ramp

by bizhat
1424 views, 5656 days ago

Bikers build a steep ramp onto a truck and attempt to jump the ramp while the truck is moving. Watch how much air this biker gets before he gets up close and personal with mother earth.

cgfn 01:03


by skiw
1420 views, 5833 days ago


Water balloon straight to the back 01:50

Water balloon straight to the back

by bizhat
1418 views, 5649 days ago

Idiots are always entertaining to watch and this guy is nothing short of an idiot.

Led Ceiling Fan 01:01

Led Ceiling Fan

by oakley701
1410 views, 5490 days ago

Here's a led ceiling fan I made.Other videos are at http://www.yourbestideas.net .Also I'm in need of some channel names for my Vshare site for ideas and inventions if you have any.I need some memb...

sdfasdfasd 00:44


by tedhusted
1405 views, 5553 days ago