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Chammanad Devi temple Araat 01:29

Chammanad Devi temple Araat

by bizhat
2066 views, 5339 days ago

Cherthala, Alapuzha on 10 Feb

Cat plays with computer 01:22

Cat plays with computer

by aliceaod
2050 views, 5795 days ago

This is a video response to

Rookie Reporter Grabs Electric Fence 00:45

Rookie Reporter Grabs Electric Fence

by bizhat
2049 views, 5614 days ago

One dumb reporter

News Reporter  Owned By Cricket Ball 00:35

News Reporter Owned By Cricket Ball

by bizhat
2048 views, 5612 days ago

He thought he could handle a 140km/h bowl but didn't expect to take it in the face.

Bathing 00:43


by bizhat1
2019 views, 5261 days ago

Aarattupuzha temple is 16 km from Thrissur, famous for procession of 71 elephants.

Kuthiyottam procession 00:57

Kuthiyottam procession

by bizhat1
2011 views, 5316 days ago

Kuthiyottam procession at Chettikulangara temple, Alappuzha Dt., Kerala. This is a colourful procession with caparisoned elephants, colourful art forms of Kerala including Bhadra Theyyam, Panchavad...

Billy Witch Doctor 00:58

Billy Witch Doctor

by bizhat
2006 views, 5612 days ago

Feel most comfortable with Chicken

Chicken recipe 00:46

Chicken recipe

by mskusa
2001 views, 5360 days ago

chicken recipe

Trick Soccer Penalty Kick 00:12

Trick Soccer Penalty Kick

by bizhat
1998 views, 5611 days ago

Check out this penalty kick. Looks normal at normal speed but watch as he actually kicks the ball from behind his right leg.

My video 02:30

My video

by vinhlaocai
1978 views, 3847 days ago

My video

Kuthiyottam procession 00:53

Kuthiyottam procession

by bizhat1
1963 views, 5317 days ago

Kuthiyottam is a symbolic representation of human ‘bali’( homicide). Kuthiyottam is a unique vazhipadu (offering) in which devotees spend Rs 2 to 15 lakh. Chettikulangara temple, Alappuzha Dt., on ...

Ammankudam thullal 01:00

Ammankudam thullal

by bizhat1
1950 views, 5317 days ago

Ammankudam thullal (dance with flower pot on head) was done as part of Kuthiyottam vazhipadu (Offering) on Bharani day at Chettikulangara temple, Alappuzha Dt.

Slow motion water balloon 00:48

Slow motion water balloon

by bizhat
1921 views, 5611 days ago

Highspeed camera captures a water balloon exploding on this guys head.

PS3 vs Wii 01:24

PS3 vs Wii

by bizhat
1915 views, 5613 days ago


Baby cry 00:11

Baby cry

by ahgood
1905 views, 5771 days ago

Baby cry...

testing stuff 01:54

testing stuff

by johntre
1891 views, 6015 days ago

testing stuff

WOW With Touch Screen Technology 02:39

WOW With Touch Screen Technology

by bizhat
1800 views, 5610 days ago

WOW touch screen play

tom yum 06:38

tom yum

by flowerblue
1787 views, 3716 days ago

food style

Truly Amazing Blind Kid 03:35

Truly Amazing Blind Kid

by bizhat
1785 views, 5611 days ago

This video is about a blind teenager that has overome many obstacles.He can whoop ass at video games, rollerblade, and move out of the way of objects before he touches them... awesome!!

The Relationship Company - Dating and Matchmaking for Singles 00:34

The Relationship Company - Dating and Matchmaking for Singles

by cameronsharpe
1737 views, 5316 days ago

The Relationship Company provides Dating and Matchmaking services to local Singles. Meet verified Singles for Parties, Trips and Dating.

Fat Kid Diving 00:07

Fat Kid Diving

by bizhat
1695 views, 5605 days ago

Fat Kid Diving Gets Knocked