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Hockey Check Breaks Glass 00:47

Hockey Check Breaks Glass

by bizhat
1096 views, 5686 days ago

That must have rattled his skull!

Cool computer interface 01:35

Cool computer interface

by bizhat
1087 views, 5688 days ago

Watch carefully this is on a Linux box and its pretty cool

SeeSaw Vs Face 00:23

SeeSaw Vs Face

by bizhat
1085 views, 5688 days ago

Stupid is as stupid does!!

3 start hotel 00:16

3 start hotel

by akey
1079 views, 5879 days ago

bessota international

Kerlite plus, what is all the buzz about?


Kerlite plus, what is all the buzz about?

by petgirl1
1078 views, 3934 days ago

Kerlite plus is a ceramic based slab that is reinforced with fiberglass mesh and comes in a wide variety of dimensions.

Raver Faceplant 00:19

Raver Faceplant

by bizhat
1077 views, 5686 days ago

One thing you have to remember when you're on drugs is that no matter how good you feel you still can't fly.Or do flips apparently.

DDR Superstar 02:08

DDR Superstar

by bizhat
1076 views, 5686 days ago

This kid dances in 2 player mode on his own and shows off to the crowd watching him.How much money must he have spent on that machine?

Kandyland Masquerade Party @ Playboy Mansion 01:10

Kandyland Masquerade Party @ Playboy Mansion

by markjohnes
1075 views, 4357 days ago

Buy Playboy Mansion Kandy Masquerade 2012 VIP Tickets Online from http://www.ticketstothemansion.com. Purchase tickets from us and you will be ente...

4 Cards Trick 01:15

4 Cards Trick

by bizhat
1072 views, 5687 days ago

Magic tricks always amaze me, this one is really cool

Girl Has Continuous Hiccups For 3 Weeks 02:49

Girl Has Continuous Hiccups For 3 Weeks

by bizhat
1069 views, 5687 days ago

How can she get rid of them? Which techniques work?...

Don't jump to conclusions 00:25

Don't jump to conclusions

by bizhat
1061 views, 5686 days ago

Another guy celebrates too early

Back handsprings down a sand hill may not be a good idea 00:20

Back handsprings down a sand hill may not be a good idea

by bizhat
1049 views, 5660 days ago

This person gets going so fast down this hill that he didn't even have a chance to catch himself.

Shahrukh Khan - Meet & Greet Event 01:26

Shahrukh Khan - Meet & Greet Event

by remesh
1044 views, 5318 days ago

Shahrukh Khan - Meet & Greet Event

Pug Imitates Blender 00:53

Pug Imitates Blender

by bizhat
1038 views, 5687 days ago

Lucky for her she doesn't need to walk the dog. Just put the blender on for 30 minutes

Bowling Ball Ceiling 00:15

Bowling Ball Ceiling

by bizhat
1037 views, 5687 days ago

Moron throws a Bowling ball into the ceiling

Go-Kart flip 00:49

Go-Kart flip

by bizhat
1037 views, 5657 days ago

I have seen way too many people trying to jump and go-kart and all they do is flip. Next time I drive a go-kart I am staying away from jumps.

fffffffffffffff 04:30


by jalerma
1024 views, 5431 days ago


youtube vid 00:55

youtube vid

by ividsat
1023 views, 5334 days ago

youtube vid referenced via external server option

Nitrogen Triiodide 00:23

Nitrogen Triiodide

by bizhat
1009 views, 5687 days ago

After reading the description of this stuff I thought it be cool to mess around with but then you see a feather lightly touch it and it blows up.

Awesome Bucket Drummer 01:29

Awesome Bucket Drummer

by bizhat
1008 views, 5689 days ago

This guy has mad drumming skills!

bbnbbnbnbbnbnbnnb 08:22


by xoxobook
1005 views, 5296 days ago