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Kungfu Soccer 00:30

Kungfu Soccer

by bizhat
1494 views, 5756 days ago

HA YA! Soccer Kung Fu Style

Fat Kid Diving 00:07

Fat Kid Diving

by bizhat
1743 views, 5756 days ago

Fat Kid Diving Gets Knocked

Weed Whacker Wrestling

by bizhat
994 views, 5757 days ago

These guys are nuts. The are doing a backyard wrestling match for a bunch of people and the one dude grabs a weedwhacker and nails his opponent in the stomach. Check out the after picture at th...

Pregnancy Test Results

by bizhat
1154 views, 5757 days ago

A happy young couple excited to start having children sit and wait the results of a pregnancy test.

Chicken Dinner Factory 02:04

Chicken Dinner Factory

by bizhat
1460 views, 5761 days ago

I Love Chicken???

How To Blow Up A Boat 01:12

How To Blow Up A Boat

by bizhat
1272 views, 5761 days ago

Blow them up real good!!

SIgn up right away!! 02:35

SIgn up right away!!

by bizhat
1179 views, 5761 days ago

Get out your check book!

Stripped by a Bull 00:26

Stripped by a Bull

by bizhat
1182 views, 5761 days ago

Stripped butt naked by a crazy bull!

Eskimo Fishing 00:21

Eskimo Fishing

by bizhat
1302 views, 5761 days ago

A typical day for an eskimo fisher

Over The Top 00:18

Over The Top

by bizhat
718 views, 5761 days ago

If Jockeys could fly

Cactus For Lunch 01:00

Cactus For Lunch

by bizhat
726 views, 5761 days ago

Tastes a little pricky

The Annoying Thing 00:42

The Annoying Thing

by bizhat
1460 views, 5761 days ago

A cool but annoying 3D creature

Kid Toys 00:31

Kid Toys

by bizhat
1452 views, 5761 days ago

Kid playing with his toys, but there's one that isn't hi.

Granny Skydive 00:22

Granny Skydive

by bizhat
993 views, 5761 days ago

What happens when grannies skydive

Obese Turkey 00:19

Obese Turkey

by bizhat
1366 views, 5761 days ago

Obese turkey eating woman

Making Out 00:19

Making Out

by bizhat
1309 views, 5761 days ago

Making out against a car.

Bungee Fishing 00:37

Bungee Fishing

by bizhat
1354 views, 5761 days ago

Bungee jump fishing

Golf Carting 00:30

Golf Carting

by bizhat
1533 views, 5761 days ago

This golf pro gets a hole in one...

Stoned Karate Fighter 00:32

Stoned Karate Fighter

by bizhat
1390 views, 5761 days ago

What happens to a karate fighter when he smokes marijuana

WOW With Touch Screen Technology 02:39

WOW With Touch Screen Technology

by bizhat
1843 views, 5762 days ago

WOW touch screen play

Borat Goes To The Gym 02:15

Borat Goes To The Gym

by bizhat
953 views, 5762 days ago

He makes the trainer look such a fool