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Back handsprings down a sand hill may not be a good idea 00:20

Back handsprings down a sand hill may not be a good idea

by bizhat
1140 views, 5880 days ago

This person gets going so fast down this hill that he didn't even have a chance to catch himself.

A Realistic Human 02:20

A Realistic Human

by bizhat
1685 views, 5879 days ago

This robot is so life like. Amazing!!! Now give him an AK47 and he can be a real life terminator.

Mexican Theme Park 01:57

Mexican Theme Park

by bizhat
1252 views, 5879 days ago

I want to go to this theme park just to try and get away. Its really ghetto but actually sounds like a cool idea.

Water balloon straight to the back 01:50

Water balloon straight to the back

by bizhat
1504 views, 5879 days ago

Idiots are always entertaining to watch and this guy is nothing short of an idiot.

Failed rocket launcher shoot 01:05

Failed rocket launcher shoot

by bizhat
938 views, 5878 days ago

Shit, if that happened to me I would run away as f'in fast I would be a blur. I wonder if that thing even ended up exploding.

Go-Kart flip 00:49

Go-Kart flip

by bizhat
1102 views, 5878 days ago

I have seen way too many people trying to jump and go-kart and all they do is flip. Next time I drive a go-kart I am staying away from jumps.

5 axis CNC stone machining milling 05:29

5 axis CNC stone machining milling

by cankiri
832 views, 5323 days ago

5 axis CNC stone machining milling

Nov 2005 13:05

Nov 2005

by JLBVideos
1318 views, 5835 days ago

Dan on tape

salsa 01:53


by mmiric
999 views, 5821 days ago

la style salsa

1234 00:23


by carloseg2
1043 views, 5818 days ago

Testing purpose

Лимон 09:36


by adrianov
1242 views, 5799 days ago

школьная программа

sdfasdfasd 00:44


by tedhusted
1470 views, 5783 days ago


Aaron on bike 01:36

Aaron on bike

by aarondenson
1405 views, 5777 days ago


Ramsan, The festival of Oneness 04:04

Ramsan, The festival of Oneness

by sibichan
1284 views, 5769 days ago

Ramsan, The festival of Oneness

two wheel driver 01:44

two wheel driver

by sibichan
1544 views, 5767 days ago

two wheel driver

london 04:43


by Tikky
1353 views, 5732 days ago


Led Ceiling Fan 01:01

Led Ceiling Fan

by oakley701
1484 views, 5720 days ago

Here's a led ceiling fan I made.Other videos are at http://www.yourbestideas.net .Also I'm in need of some channel names for my Vshare site for ideas and inventions if you have any.I need some memb...

test video 01:27

test video

by steveberra316
1283 views, 5713 days ago


 dsajkl djas 02:44

dsajkl djas

by ChiTz
1530 views, 5688 days ago

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Chicken recipe 00:46

Chicken recipe

by mskusa
2083 views, 5656 days ago

chicken recipe

fffffffffffffff 04:30


by jalerma
1085 views, 5652 days ago