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Cactus For Lunch 01:00

Cactus For Lunch

by bizhat
703 views, 5682 days ago

Tastes a little pricky

Over The Top 00:18

Over The Top

by bizhat
701 views, 5681 days ago

If Jockeys could fly

Eskimo Fishing 00:21

Eskimo Fishing

by bizhat
1277 views, 5681 days ago

A typical day for an eskimo fisher

Stripped by a Bull 00:26

Stripped by a Bull

by bizhat
1135 views, 5681 days ago

Stripped butt naked by a crazy bull!

SIgn up right away!! 02:35

SIgn up right away!!

by bizhat
1157 views, 5681 days ago

Get out your check book!

How To Blow Up A Boat 01:12

How To Blow Up A Boat

by bizhat
1244 views, 5681 days ago

Blow them up real good!!

Chicken Dinner Factory 02:04

Chicken Dinner Factory

by bizhat
1429 views, 5681 days ago

I Love Chicken???

Pregnancy Test Results

by bizhat
1128 views, 5677 days ago

A happy young couple excited to start having children sit and wait the results of a pregnancy test.

Weed Whacker Wrestling

by bizhat
970 views, 5677 days ago

These guys are nuts. The are doing a backyard wrestling match for a bunch of people and the one dude grabs a weedwhacker and nails his opponent in the stomach. Check out the after picture at th...

Fat Kid Diving 00:07

Fat Kid Diving

by bizhat
1715 views, 5677 days ago

Fat Kid Diving Gets Knocked

Kungfu Soccer 00:30

Kungfu Soccer

by bizhat
1463 views, 5677 days ago

HA YA! Soccer Kung Fu Style

Sweet collection of amazing bike stunts 00:56

Sweet collection of amazing bike stunts

by bizhat
1168 views, 5663 days ago

Good compilation of amazing bike stunts. Watch the pros do some crazy jumps. My favorite was mid way through from the top of a phone booth to a bench to the pavement all in three motions.

Dancing Never Felt Painful 00:27

Dancing Never Felt Painful

by bizhat
1556 views, 5663 days ago

Trust is an essential part of doing a dance routine. Hopefully when doing something, your partners don?t drop you on your head like they did with this girl.

Magician teaches how to escape plastic handcuffs 01:05

Magician teaches how to escape plastic handcuffs

by bizhat
1613 views, 5663 days ago

This is how a magician can escape plastic handcuffs -- hilarious quote throughout the clip

Bikers jump a moving ramp 01:44

Bikers jump a moving ramp

by bizhat
1427 views, 5663 days ago

Bikers build a steep ramp onto a truck and attempt to jump the ramp while the truck is moving. Watch how much air this biker gets before he gets up close and personal with mother earth.

Moment with Bush 00:04

Moment with Bush

by bizhat
767 views, 5663 days ago

What is this internets he talks about?

Office Olympics: 00:09

Office Olympics:

by bizhat
1316 views, 5662 days ago

A few guys after work decide to have an Office Olympics and a Hurdles challenges. Keep your eye on the guy on the right. Funny video

Ping Pong... Matrix Style 01:43

Ping Pong... Matrix Style

by bizhat
1614 views, 5662 days ago

Japanese students put on a performance of ping pong done through the vision of The Matrix. Watch the slow motions and aerial acrobatics. This was well prepared and fun to watch.

Glass illusion 01:22

Glass illusion

by bizhat
1584 views, 5662 days ago

Hmmm I wonder why the milk gets more diluted as you pour into a new glass. Could it be because you have water in the glasses.

Donald Trump bags on Rosie 00:44

Donald Trump bags on Rosie

by bizhat
816 views, 5657 days ago

Wait you said she has a what?

Snow Skiier comes up short breaking his ankles 00:34

Snow Skiier comes up short breaking his ankles

by bizhat
1398 views, 5656 days ago

The feeling of flying through the air and realizing you aren't going to make the jump has to be one of the worst feelings in the world.