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Raver Faceplant 00:19

Raver Faceplant

by bizhat
1104 views, 5763 days ago

One thing you have to remember when you're on drugs is that no matter how good you feel you still can't fly.Or do flips apparently.

Dude Rolls Jeep Doing Donuts 00:14

Dude Rolls Jeep Doing Donuts

by bizhat
1205 views, 5763 days ago

Some dude is messing around on the street doing don

Breakdancing Compilation 05:26

Breakdancing Compilation

by bizhat
1005 views, 5763 days ago

The strength and agility that these guys have is unbelievable.

How Superman Should of Ended 01:59

How Superman Should of Ended

by bizhat
1019 views, 5763 days ago

These guys did a cartoon on how Superman should have ended. Extremely well done and funny.

An Exclusive Update from Steve-O! 00:36

An Exclusive Update from Steve-O!

by bizhat
1321 views, 5763 days ago

Steve-O Here: Wow, do I have an assload of news for you.Get this! Jackass: Number Two opens on 9/22 and I have another movie and my own TV show coming out this fall. My new Sneaux shoes commercia...

Cat and Dumb Owner 02:27

Cat and Dumb Owner

by bizhat
1185 views, 5763 days ago

The owner is scarier than the cats

Knife Defense Video 01:43

Knife Defense Video

by bizhat
1167 views, 5763 days ago

Next time try running!!

Box Prank 00:51

Box Prank

by bizhat
1406 views, 5763 days ago

Very cute prank, folks leaving the store knock this man over when they open the door.

Hockey Brawl 1987 05:24

Hockey Brawl 1987

by bizhat
1349 views, 5763 days ago

Its a clip from 1987 of a game between Russia and Canada. A fight breaks out and the rest is history ...

Don't jump to conclusions 00:25

Don't jump to conclusions

by bizhat
1091 views, 5763 days ago

Another guy celebrates too early

Hockey Check Breaks Glass 00:47

Hockey Check Breaks Glass

by bizhat
1123 views, 5763 days ago

That must have rattled his skull!

Borat Goes To The Gym 02:15

Borat Goes To The Gym

by bizhat
953 views, 5763 days ago

He makes the trainer look such a fool

WOW With Touch Screen Technology 02:39

WOW With Touch Screen Technology

by bizhat
1843 views, 5763 days ago

WOW touch screen play

Stoned Karate Fighter 00:32

Stoned Karate Fighter

by bizhat
1390 views, 5762 days ago

What happens to a karate fighter when he smokes marijuana

Golf Carting 00:30

Golf Carting

by bizhat
1533 views, 5762 days ago

This golf pro gets a hole in one...

Bungee Fishing 00:37

Bungee Fishing

by bizhat
1354 views, 5762 days ago

Bungee jump fishing

Making Out 00:19

Making Out

by bizhat
1309 views, 5762 days ago

Making out against a car.

Obese Turkey 00:19

Obese Turkey

by bizhat
1366 views, 5762 days ago

Obese turkey eating woman

Granny Skydive 00:22

Granny Skydive

by bizhat
993 views, 5762 days ago

What happens when grannies skydive

Kid Toys 00:31

Kid Toys

by bizhat
1453 views, 5762 days ago

Kid playing with his toys, but there's one that isn't hi.

The Annoying Thing 00:42

The Annoying Thing

by bizhat
1461 views, 5762 days ago

A cool but annoying 3D creature