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Trick Soccer Penalty Kick 00:12

Trick Soccer Penalty Kick

by bizhat
2071 views, 5818 days ago

Check out this penalty kick. Looks normal at normal speed but watch as he actually kicks the ball from behind his right leg.

Truly Amazing Blind Kid 03:35

Truly Amazing Blind Kid

by bizhat
1856 views, 5818 days ago

This video is about a blind teenager that has overome many obstacles.He can whoop ass at video games, rollerblade, and move out of the way of objects before he touches them... awesome!!

Stair Case Hand Stand 00:38

Stair Case Hand Stand

by bizhat
1250 views, 5818 days ago

Doing a hand stand down the stair case seems like a really good idea right?It turned out to be a very painful decision.

4 Cards Trick 01:15

4 Cards Trick

by bizhat
1110 views, 5818 days ago

Magic tricks always amaze me, this one is really cool

Tom Green: Art Gallery Chaos 03:50

Tom Green: Art Gallery Chaos

by bizhat
901 views, 5818 days ago

Tom Green adds his own masterpiece to the nation art gallery and makes a few changes with his permanent marker pen.

Amazing Trampoline Acrobatics 02:18

Amazing Trampoline Acrobatics

by bizhat
1307 views, 5818 days ago

Amazing Trampoline Acrobatics

Bad Model Rocket Launch 00:10

Bad Model Rocket Launch

by bizhat
1442 views, 5818 days ago

A bunch of guys attempt to launch a model rocket. Not sure the launch could of gone any worse for the guy in the back.

Professor Smashes Cell Phone 00:38

Professor Smashes Cell Phone

by bizhat
1241 views, 5818 days ago

What did you learn ?

Baseball Commentator Drops The F Bomb Live 00:50

Baseball Commentator Drops The F Bomb Live

by bizhat
965 views, 5818 days ago

Haha... He just F--ked it up!

Clapping Flaps 00:33

Clapping Flaps

by bizhat
1416 views, 5818 days ago

Such a weird and funny commercial for tampons.

Fat Kid Van Dive 00:37

Fat Kid Van Dive

by bizhat
949 views, 5818 days ago

This has two elements that make up a classic viral video: A fat kid, and someone falling.Unfortunately the sound sucks otherwise this would be classic!

Failed Fence Jumping 00:29

Failed Fence Jumping

by bizhat
821 views, 5818 days ago

Doh ! Had to ticklet a little bit.

Rocket To The Balls 00:12

Rocket To The Balls

by bizhat
1762 views, 5818 days ago

How perfect was that!? I've seen some good nut shots in my time and this is definitely up there with some of the best.

Coca Cola Vending Machine Hack 02:45

Coca Cola Vending Machine Hack

by bizhat
1327 views, 5818 days ago

Kid shows you how to get 2 or 3 drinks for the price of one.

Invisible Skating 01:46

Invisible Skating

by bizhat
1222 views, 5818 days ago

This is a video of a group of guys who used the green screen technique on skateboards. They made their skateboards green then digitally removed the boards. Cool effect!

Kristina Kireeva Contortionist 03:20

Kristina Kireeva Contortionist

by bizhat
1389 views, 5818 days ago

Kristina Kireeva is slightly flexible.

DDR Superstar 02:08

DDR Superstar

by bizhat
1114 views, 5817 days ago

This kid dances in 2 player mode on his own and shows off to the crowd watching him.How much money must he have spent on that machine?

Roofie Roulette 05:12

Roofie Roulette

by bizhat
1194 views, 5817 days ago

Frat boy pranks are carried to a horrifying extreme in this dark comedy. Featuring comics from NYC's Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.

Coming Through! 00:30

Coming Through!

by bizhat
907 views, 5817 days ago

He just ploughs straight through a crowd of people.

Gas Tank Explosion 00:21

Gas Tank Explosion

by bizhat
1567 views, 5817 days ago

This is a video of my boss when he tried to cut a car in half.He obviously didn't make sure if there was any gas left.

Waterslide Into Lake 00:10

Waterslide Into Lake

by bizhat
1152 views, 5817 days ago

This looks friggin awesome. A bunch of guys create a waterslide with a ramp at the bottom that shoots them into a lake.