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 Caught Cheating 02:03

Caught Cheating

by bizhat
1347 views, 5824 days ago

What to do if you get caught cheating

Bowling Ball Ceiling 00:15

Bowling Ball Ceiling

by bizhat
1085 views, 5824 days ago

Moron throws a Bowling ball into the ceiling

 Dice Stacking 02:27

Dice Stacking

by bizhat
1137 views, 5824 days ago

Very cool dice stacking video clip

Amazing Acrobatics 02:26

Amazing Acrobatics

by bizhat
1239 views, 5824 days ago

I've never seen anything like this. The way he balances on his head and gets passed from one person to the other is amazing!

Pug Imitates Blender 00:53

Pug Imitates Blender

by bizhat
1082 views, 5824 days ago

Lucky for her she doesn't need to walk the dog. Just put the blender on for 30 minutes

News Reporter  Owned By Cricket Ball 00:35

News Reporter Owned By Cricket Ball

by bizhat
2122 views, 5823 days ago

He thought he could handle a 140km/h bowl but didn't expect to take it in the face.

 Skater On Fire 00:50

Skater On Fire

by bizhat
1658 views, 5823 days ago

I honestly thought he was a goner when I saw how huge the flames were. What is it with these kids that try stunts with fire, they never seem to have enough water around. I'd want about 4 guys w...

Homemade Rollercoaster 02:34

Homemade Rollercoaster

by bizhat
1036 views, 5823 days ago

Cool! Well that looks like fun for a whole 5 minutes.

Clever Sketch Technology 03:26

Clever Sketch Technology

by bizhat
2444 views, 5823 days ago

Invisible pen strokes in the air recorded with Motion Capture become digital 3D-files. Through Rapid Prototyping, the files are materialised into real pie

Mr Pillow Head Vs Treadmill 00:14

Mr Pillow Head Vs Treadmill

by bizhat
1205 views, 5823 days ago

As if that was going to protect him.

 Volleyball Coach Misses His Chair 00:40

Volleyball Coach Misses His Chair

by bizhat
1434 views, 5823 days ago

You've got to love way he just sits there as though nothing happened.

Diet Coke And Mentos 2nd Experiment 03:01

Diet Coke And Mentos 2nd Experiment

by bizhat
1274 views, 5823 days ago

Do these guys actually work? They always seem to be messing around with Diet Coke and Mentos.

Pi Freak 02:44

Pi Freak

by bizhat
1270 views, 5823 days ago

Guy recites 22500 decimal places of pi by memorizing it. There are no patterns to follow, the numbers are so random.

Borat Antique Shop 00:53

Borat Antique Shop

by bizhat
1246 views, 5823 days ago

Borat in the Antique Shop

 Monkey Kissing Prank 02:01

Monkey Kissing Prank

by bizhat
1032 views, 5823 days ago

Monkey Kissing Prank

Nitrogen Triiodide 00:23

Nitrogen Triiodide

by bizhat
1040 views, 5823 days ago

After reading the description of this stuff I thought it be cool to mess around with but then you see a feather lightly touch it and it blows up.

Backyard Fight Ends In Knockout 03:31

Backyard Fight Ends In Knockout

by bizhat
1246 views, 5823 days ago

This is probably one of the best backyard fights I have ever seen. The fight is pretty close, lasts about two min, and ends in a knockout punch.

Slow motion water balloon 00:48

Slow motion water balloon

by bizhat
1995 views, 5823 days ago

Highspeed camera captures a water balloon exploding on this guys head.

Bathtub Diving 00:24

Bathtub Diving

by bizhat
994 views, 5823 days ago

Bathtub Diving

 Dane Cook Impersonator 01:36

Dane Cook Impersonator

by bizhat
772 views, 5823 days ago

Dane Cook Impersonator

Poker Playing Dog 01:23

Poker Playing Dog

by bizhat
1197 views, 5823 days ago

This little terrier wins a game of poker.