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Powerful Car Engine 00:38

Powerful Car Engine

by bizhat
5608 views, 6240 days ago

A guy has a pretty girl in a bikini pose on the hood of his muscle car while he revs the engine.

Red Light Miracle 00:14

Red Light Miracle

by bizhat
3239 views, 6240 days ago

Some idiot runs through a red light at high speed and miraculously avoids causing a huge accident.

Girl pumps gas with cigarette 01:33

Girl pumps gas with cigarette

by bizhat
4830 views, 6194 days ago

very dumb

This crazy guy has a car pass 00:03

This crazy guy has a car pass

by bizhat
5021 views, 6192 days ago

This crazy guy has a car pass over him while he lays on the ground

Biker Hiting Car 01:00

Biker Hiting Car

by fludgecow
1360 views, 5908 days ago

Ouch biker gets creamed

Action Compilation 02:09

Action Compilation

by bizhat
2305 views, 5613 days ago

Compilation of accidents, crashes, explosions and general mayhem!

asda 01:01


by remixtedi
1273 views, 5143 days ago


Advertisement services 00:13

Advertisement services

1495 views, 4971 days ago

Post free classifieds for cars, jobs, real estate, personals, collectibles, computers, electronics, pets and more. Photos and videos. www.iklancorner.com.my/

test 02:55


by ehsan640
713 views, 4172 days ago


Bus Does a Wheelie 00:35

Bus Does a Wheelie

by bizhat
2488 views, 6240 days ago

Okay, so the yellow school bus doesn't actually win the race, but it does get up and do a wheelie.

Air Show 03:06

Air Show

by bizhat
2654 views, 6231 days ago

Russian Sukoi Air Show

Car hits a traktor BAM! 00:19

Car hits a traktor BAM!

by bizhat
2395 views, 6202 days ago

Some guys racing and suddenly they hit a traktor

Police Wrecked! 01:03

Police Wrecked!

by bizhat
2730 views, 6202 days ago

Some guy wrecks an old police car

Car Wipe Outs! BOOM! 01:37

Car Wipe Outs! BOOM!

by bizhat
2239 views, 6202 days ago

Great compilation, where many car wipes out during the race etc

Awesome Race Crash! BAM! 00:44

Awesome Race Crash! BAM!

by bizhat
2350 views, 6202 days ago

this is wild

Crash Backwards! BOOM! 00:44

Crash Backwards! BOOM!

by bizhat
2293 views, 6202 days ago

crashing reversed

Chopper crashes 01:35

Chopper crashes

by bizhat
10938 views, 6202 days ago

Chopper crashes to ground after short-lived flight

looks both ways when crossing the street 00:09

looks both ways when crossing the street

by bizhat
3492 views, 6201 days ago

Pizza dude gets hit by a car, Extremely Nasty crash !!! WOW ! INSANE

Granny is trying to cross 00:36

Granny is trying to cross

by bizhat
2482 views, 6201 days ago

dont be an ass

fdfdfd 00:31


by papa123
948 views, 5770 days ago


Bank robbery Crash 00:53

Bank robbery Crash

by bizhat
2717 views, 6195 days ago

Guy robs bank and then crashes motorcycle!