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test title 04:09

test title

by surinkub
1354 views, 5843 days ago

test Description

Tara Reid Gets D-Listed 01:36

Tara Reid Gets D-Listed

by bizhat
3671 views, 5823 days ago

Tara Reid gets denied access to the club Hyde in LA. As she stands in line by the door Paris Hilton arrives and walks right on in.

Kid Dances In Room 01:17

Kid Dances In Room

by bizhat
3428 views, 5822 days ago

What was going through this kid's brain when he decided to send this little gem out to the world? This is exactly what Al Gore had in mind when he invented the internet. Thank you DARPA!

Chappelle Show Mac User 00:42

Chappelle Show Mac User

by bizhat
2930 views, 5822 days ago

MAC skit from Dave Chapelle

MTV Movie Awards - MI:3 Spoof 03:21

MTV Movie Awards - MI:3 Spoof

by bizhat
7289 views, 5822 days ago

Jessica Alba, Topher Grace, and Flava Flav spoof a scene from Mission Impossible 3 for the MTV movie awards.

Cool computer interface 01:35

Cool computer interface

by bizhat
1128 views, 5821 days ago

Watch carefully this is on a Linux box and its pretty cool

Robot Chicken: Harry Potter 02:51

Robot Chicken: Harry Potter

by bizhat
1144 views, 5821 days ago

Harry and crew go on an adventure ..

Super Model Brooke Burke 01:41

Super Model Brooke Burke

by bizhat
1882 views, 5821 days ago

Makes fun of everyone

Paint Spiller 01:39

Paint Spiller

by bizhat
861 views, 5821 days ago

I would just walk off

Dane Cook Tourgasm 04:12

Dane Cook Tourgasm

by bizhat
788 views, 5821 days ago

Six clips of Dane and Company

Spiderman circa 1978 01:20

Spiderman circa 1978

by bizhat
1378 views, 5821 days ago

It was bad enough in english, even worse in japanese!

Rocky Balboa 01:59

Rocky Balboa

by bizhat
678 views, 5821 days ago

Geez what is this Rocky 12? Let it DIE!

Huge Eyes 00:26

Huge Eyes

by bizhat
1161 views, 5821 days ago

I've got my eye on you......

Jihad Joe 01:03

Jihad Joe

by bizhat
840 views, 5821 days ago

The best action model around! I know what I want for Christmas.

 Primo Commercial - Girls On Bouncy Balls 00:53

Primo Commercial - Girls On Bouncy Balls

by bizhat
1928 views, 5821 days ago

You can't tell me you've seen a better commercial for a lime flavored milk drink... They need some way of selling it, it sounds awful.

Failed Quad Backflip 00:21

Failed Quad Backflip

by bizhat
1087 views, 5820 days ago

Should have gone faster and held on. (Wow, I'm an expert)

 LAPD Use Excessive Force 00:19

LAPD Use Excessive Force

by bizhat
1706 views, 5820 days ago

Apparently the police man was punching the suspect in self defense (must protect the Donuts!). There's not an awful lot you can do with a knee in the neck so how they class this as self defense I d...

 Ghost Caught On Camera At The Vatican 01:54

Ghost Caught On Camera At The Vatican

by bizhat
2071 views, 5820 days ago

Pretty convincing footage but decide for yourselves.

The Miracle Channel 01:30

The Miracle Channel

by bizhat
1038 views, 5820 days ago

Who believes this rubbish?! The program where miracles happen. Erh yeah whatever...

News Report On A Group Of Sick Twisted Youths 03:41

News Report On A Group Of Sick Twisted Youths

by bizhat
1799 views, 5820 days ago

This is such a sad video. A sickening story of a young girl who was mistreated by a bunch of youths and they recorded the whole thing on camera revealing their own faces. They even sold the DVD tha...

Football Headbutt 00:14

Football Headbutt

by bizhat
1185 views, 5820 days ago

Oh get up you puff!