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Huge Eyes 00:26

Huge Eyes

by bizhat
1037 views, 5321 days ago

I've got my eye on you......

Jihad Joe 01:03

Jihad Joe

by bizhat
736 views, 5321 days ago

The best action model around! I know what I want for Christmas.

 Primo Commercial - Girls On Bouncy Balls 00:53

Primo Commercial - Girls On Bouncy Balls

by bizhat
1804 views, 5321 days ago

You can't tell me you've seen a better commercial for a lime flavored milk drink... They need some way of selling it, it sounds awful.

Failed Quad Backflip 00:21

Failed Quad Backflip

by bizhat
979 views, 5321 days ago

Should have gone faster and held on. (Wow, I'm an expert)

 LAPD Use Excessive Force 00:19

LAPD Use Excessive Force

by bizhat
1582 views, 5321 days ago

Apparently the police man was punching the suspect in self defense (must protect the Donuts!). There's not an awful lot you can do with a knee in the neck so how they class this as self defense I d...

 Ghost Caught On Camera At The Vatican 01:54

Ghost Caught On Camera At The Vatican

by bizhat
1951 views, 5321 days ago

Pretty convincing footage but decide for yourselves.

The Miracle Channel 01:30

The Miracle Channel

by bizhat
937 views, 5321 days ago

Who believes this rubbish?! The program where miracles happen. Erh yeah whatever...

News Report On A Group Of Sick Twisted Youths 03:41

News Report On A Group Of Sick Twisted Youths

by bizhat
1678 views, 5321 days ago

This is such a sad video. A sickening story of a young girl who was mistreated by a bunch of youths and they recorded the whole thing on camera revealing their own faces. They even sold the DVD tha...

Football Headbutt 00:14

Football Headbutt

by bizhat
1071 views, 5321 days ago

Oh get up you puff!

 Lightning Strikes Neighbors House 00:26

Lightning Strikes Neighbors House

by bizhat
1431 views, 5321 days ago

Some dude is filming a lightning storm outside his bedroom window when a bolt strikes down about 50 feet from him hitting his neighbors house.

Stair Case Hand Stand 00:38

Stair Case Hand Stand

by bizhat
1135 views, 5321 days ago

Doing a hand stand down the stair case seems like a really good idea right?It turned out to be a very painful decision.

Ring Knock Out 00:20

Ring Knock Out

by bizhat
1309 views, 5321 days ago

There was no standing up after that square punch. He even took out the judges with that one.

How To Use Women 07:58

How To Use Women

by bizhat
1155 views, 5321 days ago

A really messed up short movie on how to use women.

Bad Model Rocket Launch 00:10

Bad Model Rocket Launch

by bizhat
1331 views, 5321 days ago

A bunch of guys attempt to launch a model rocket. Not sure the launch could of gone any worse for the guy in the back.

Norm MacDonald Mocks Steve Irwin 01:37

Norm MacDonald Mocks Steve Irwin

by bizhat
31069 views, 5321 days ago

Norm MacDonald Mocks Steve Irwin on the daily show.

Two Dudes Jump Guy and His Girlfriend 01:20

Two Dudes Jump Guy and His Girlfriend

by bizhat
991 views, 5321 days ago

A couple goes walking by two troublemakers in a park when suddenly one of them punches the guys girlfriend.The boyfriend ends up whoopin both of their asses.

BMX Face Plant 01:12

BMX Face Plant

by bizhat
1269 views, 5321 days ago

Lol at the camera man. "Dude let me see your face!"

Its All About The Pentiums 03:35

Its All About The Pentiums

by bizhat
1505 views, 5320 days ago

A lot of people checked out the recent Weird Al Yankovic video White and Nerdy we posted earlier this week. Here is an older one thats pretty good too.

Napoleon McCallum Knee Injury 00:51

Napoleon McCallum Knee Injury

by bizhat
15468 views, 5320 days ago

This is without a doubt the worst football knee injury I have ever seen. (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

Roofie Roulette 05:12

Roofie Roulette

by bizhat
1099 views, 5320 days ago

Frat boy pranks are carried to a horrifying extreme in this dark comedy. Featuring comics from NYC's Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.

Kristina Kireeva - Hot Contortionist 03:41

Kristina Kireeva - Hot Contortionist

by bizhat
1647 views, 5320 days ago

Don't ya wish your girlfriend was bendy like me!