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St Mary's Church Tripunithura 03:08

St Mary's Church Tripunithura

by bizhat1
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St Mary's Church Tripunithura is located at the heart of the town. The ancient church has a decorative wooden altar. Tripunithura, 10 km from Kochi city in Kerala, India. Onam seasonal flowers are ...

mannarasala 02:42


by bizhat1
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Sree Krishna jayanti 03:42

Sree Krishna jayanti

by bizhat1
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Sree Krishna Jatyanti shobha yatra on 11 Sept 2009 at 4 pm. Venue : Ambalapuzha. It was a procession of hundreds of children dressed colorfully as Lord Krishna and Gopis.

Thripunithura Athachamayam 04:51

Thripunithura Athachamayam

by bizhat1
1962 views, 5166 days ago

Atham (23 Aug 2009) in the Malayalam month of Chingam is the starting of the Onam festivities. The secular cultural procession is of caparisoned elephants, temple art forms like Kathakali, Theyyam,...

Panangad boat race 04:19

Panangad boat race

by bizhat1
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Panangad boat race was organised on 30 Aug 2009 (16 km from Kochi city in Kerala). Eight churulan boats participated in the race. Two boats lost balance and drowned during the race. The rowers man...

Takazhi birds 01:53

Takazhi birds

by bizhat1
1876 views, 5166 days ago

Takazhi is on the Ambalapuzha-Edathua road after Karumadi (Takazhi Shiva Shankara pillai memmorial is near Rail way crossing). The area is scenic with paddy fields and migratory birds. Karumadi is...

Ferrari F430 Chasing Lamborghini Gallardo, Mercedes , Ferrar 00:36

Ferrari F430 Chasing Lamborghini Gallardo, Mercedes , Ferrar

by realvideofile86
1848 views, 4128 days ago

Drive on our challenging racetrack or take it to a road tour and feel the unbelievable grip and the mind-blowing acceleration of any of our Ferraris or Lamborghinis & more. Exotic Rides, the ne...

Halebidu temple 05:28

Halebidu temple

by bizhat1
1833 views, 5221 days ago

Halebidu is famous for the Hoysala temple and Archaeological museum. It is 17 km from Belur. The 32 km Halebidu - Hassan route has Merrigold fields and windmills.

Mookkannoor St Mary's church 01:01

Mookkannoor St Mary's church

by bizhat1
1826 views, 5166 days ago

Mookkannoor St Mary's church near Angamaly (Ernakulam district) has a beautiful gilded wooden altar.

Atha Pookkalam 03:26

Atha Pookkalam

by bizhat1
1823 views, 5166 days ago

Pookkalam is the flower arrangement made during the Onam season ( Aug/Sep) by Malayalees (Keralites). The Pookkalam competition was organised by Vanitha magazine on 29 Sep 09 at Rajiv Gandhi Indo...

Sri Chamarajendra Zoological gardens 02:04

Sri Chamarajendra Zoological gardens

by bizhat1
1807 views, 5221 days ago

Hornbill, Swan, crane, Cuckatoo, parrots, Bison, Tiger

St Philomena's church 01:52

St Philomena's church

by bizhat1
1803 views, 5221 days ago

St Philomena's church Mysore is one of the highest Gothic churches (55 m) in India. The church was designed by Dally, a French similar to Germany's Cologne cathedral. Saint Philomena is a saint a...

Birds & butterflies 04:07

Birds & butterflies

by bizhat1
1725 views, 5166 days ago

Common birds and butterflies of Kerala, India

Belur Channakeshava temple 03:10

Belur Channakeshava temple

by bizhat1
1722 views, 5221 days ago

Belur is 32 km from Hassan and is famous for the Channakeshava temple and the Veeranarayan temple. Both temples are located in a walled temple complex one km from bus stand. Belur is 163 km from My...

Sri Chamarajendra Zoological gardens 02:06

Sri Chamarajendra Zoological gardens

by bizhat1
1700 views, 5221 days ago

One of the best zoos in India having Wild boar, monkey, chimpanzee, langaur, zebra, sloth bear, Rhinoceros etc.

Tazhathangady boat race 04:38

Tazhathangady boat race

by bizhat1
1682 views, 5166 days ago

Kottayam, Tazhathangady boat race was on 5 Sept '09 at 3 pm. Four Chundan, 4 Iruttukuthy and 5 Churulan boats participated in the race (vallom kali).

Chamundi hills 01:43

Chamundi hills

by bizhat1
1680 views, 5221 days ago

View of Mysore palace and St Philomena's church from Chamundi hills. The Chamundi temple tower and Lalitha Mahal palace.

Mysore Palace 03:25

Mysore Palace

by bizhat1
1661 views, 5221 days ago

Mysore Palace will be lighted from 7 to 8 pm on Sundays. The palace was commissioned in 1897, and its construction was completed in 1912. It was designed by Henry Irwin, a British architect. The pa...

Uriyadi 02:27


by bizhat1
1642 views, 5166 days ago

Janmashtami day uriyadi is performed all over Kerala mainly in Sree Krishna temple premises. Here the earthen pot with water or ghee is hanged at a height with a rope. The participants has to break...

Wayanad 00:40


by bizhat1
1641 views, 5221 days ago

The ghat route (NH 212), which connects Kozhikode to Mysore via Kalpetta, Sulhan Bathery, Gundulpet, Nanjangud.

Belur Chennakesava temple 02:17

Belur Chennakesava temple

by bizhat1
1621 views, 5221 days ago

Belur is 32 km from Hassan and is famous for the Chennakesava temple and the Veeranarayan temple. Both temples are located in a walled temple complex one km from bus stand. Belur is 163 km from Mys...