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Soccer Cat 00:20

Soccer Cat

by bizhat
1304 views, 5679 days ago

This soccer pro is a cat!

Over The Top 00:18

Over The Top

by bizhat
700 views, 5679 days ago

If Jockeys could fly

Ass Breaker 00:29

Ass Breaker

by bizhat
1278 views, 5679 days ago

Woman breaks pieces of wood using her ass!

Horny Donkey 00:45

Horny Donkey

by bizhat
1851 views, 5679 days ago

This donkey tries to rape a man!

Bungee Fishing 00:37

Bungee Fishing

by bizhat
1326 views, 5680 days ago

Bungee jump fishing

Horse Ass 00:02

Horse Ass

by bizhat
1598 views, 5680 days ago

This person's head goes right into a horse's ass..

Horse Poops On Reporter 00:12

Horse Poops On Reporter

by bizhat
808 views, 5680 days ago

How predictable

Kinder JackAss 01:32

Kinder JackAss

by bizhat
1039 views, 5680 days ago

The Kiddy version of JackAss

Cat and Dumb Owner 02:27

Cat and Dumb Owner

by bizhat
1160 views, 5680 days ago

The owner is scarier than the cats

Snake Kisser Bitten 00:51

Snake Kisser Bitten

by bizhat
1183 views, 5680 days ago

This is what happens when stupid people try to make sweet love to snakes.

Robot Chicken Holy Book 01:12

Robot Chicken Holy Book

by bizhat
1378 views, 5681 days ago

Robot Chicken Holy Book Clip

 Ugly Dogs 04:11

Ugly Dogs

by bizhat
851 views, 5681 days ago

Compilation of Ugly Dogs

Trained Pig 02:48

Trained Pig

by bizhat
1280 views, 5682 days ago

Cute little piggy does some tricks."Cute" says me, sat eating a bacon sandwich doing updates.

Funky Cats 2 01:22

Funky Cats 2

by bizhat
1004 views, 5682 days ago

Another funny clip like the previous Funky Cats clip.

Pug Imitates Blender 00:53

Pug Imitates Blender

by bizhat
1038 views, 5682 days ago

Lucky for her she doesn't need to walk the dog. Just put the blender on for 30 minutes

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 01:46

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

by bizhat
923 views, 5682 days ago

Yeah the Turtles are back you can see this right after the next Rocky movie!

Kangaroo near miss 00:08

Kangaroo near miss

by bizhat
776 views, 5682 days ago

This stupid hopper almost becomes dinner

Needs glasses 00:32

Needs glasses

by bizhat
1692 views, 5682 days ago

Think this guy has a real sight problem, or he hates little animals

Guy killed for bumping someone 01:06

Guy killed for bumping someone

by bizhat
1864 views, 5682 days ago

What a great country we live in where you can get clipped for bumping into some animals

Unlucky Biker Hits an Even Unluckier Deer 00:43

Unlucky Biker Hits an Even Unluckier Deer

by bizhat
900 views, 5682 days ago

One deer sliced by motorcycle

Prick Jockey Headbutts a Horse 00:22

Prick Jockey Headbutts a Horse

by bizhat
895 views, 5682 days ago

Little jockey abuses big horse