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Kangaroo near miss 00:08

Kangaroo near miss

by bizhat
705 views, 5370 days ago

This stupid hopper almost becomes dinner

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 01:46

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

by bizhat
853 views, 5369 days ago

Yeah the Turtles are back you can see this right after the next Rocky movie!

Pug Imitates Blender 00:53

Pug Imitates Blender

by bizhat
972 views, 5369 days ago

Lucky for her she doesn't need to walk the dog. Just put the blender on for 30 minutes

Funky Cats 2 01:22

Funky Cats 2

by bizhat
944 views, 5369 days ago

Another funny clip like the previous Funky Cats clip.

Trained Pig 02:48

Trained Pig

by bizhat
1208 views, 5369 days ago

Cute little piggy does some tricks."Cute" says me, sat eating a bacon sandwich doing updates.

 Ugly Dogs 04:11

Ugly Dogs

by bizhat
795 views, 5369 days ago

Compilation of Ugly Dogs

Robot Chicken Holy Book 01:12

Robot Chicken Holy Book

by bizhat
1303 views, 5369 days ago

Robot Chicken Holy Book Clip

Snake Kisser Bitten 00:51

Snake Kisser Bitten

by bizhat
1130 views, 5368 days ago

This is what happens when stupid people try to make sweet love to snakes.

Cat and Dumb Owner 02:27

Cat and Dumb Owner

by bizhat
1096 views, 5368 days ago

The owner is scarier than the cats

Kinder JackAss 01:32

Kinder JackAss

by bizhat
982 views, 5368 days ago

The Kiddy version of JackAss

Horse Poops On Reporter 00:12

Horse Poops On Reporter

by bizhat
725 views, 5368 days ago

How predictable

Horse Ass 00:02

Horse Ass

by bizhat
1517 views, 5367 days ago

This person's head goes right into a horse's ass..

Bungee Fishing 00:37

Bungee Fishing

by bizhat
1258 views, 5367 days ago

Bungee jump fishing

Horny Donkey 00:45

Horny Donkey

by bizhat
1793 views, 5367 days ago

This donkey tries to rape a man!

Ass Breaker 00:29

Ass Breaker

by bizhat
1222 views, 5367 days ago

Woman breaks pieces of wood using her ass!

Over The Top 00:18

Over The Top

by bizhat
643 views, 5367 days ago

If Jockeys could fly

Soccer Cat 00:20

Soccer Cat

by bizhat
1234 views, 5367 days ago

This soccer pro is a cat!

Annoying Bird 00:22

Annoying Bird

by bizhat
892 views, 5367 days ago

Ford now takes care of annoying birds

Eskimo Fishing 00:21

Eskimo Fishing

by bizhat
1204 views, 5367 days ago

A typical day for an eskimo fisher

Fake Cat Beheading 00:39

Fake Cat Beheading

by bizhat
1091 views, 5367 days ago

Ford autos beheads cats in their commercials!

Stripped by a Bull 00:26

Stripped by a Bull

by bizhat
1021 views, 5367 days ago

Stripped butt naked by a crazy bull!