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Avery Johnson Cup Check 00:15

Avery Johnson Cup Check

by bizhat
2750 views, 6448 days ago

Dallas Mavericks coach Avery Johnson motions for one of his players and hits him where it counts.

wmv video test 01:13

wmv video test

by bizhat
2736 views, 6439 days ago

test of wmv video

Moving Corpse Prank 00:40

Moving Corpse Prank

by bizhat
2628 views, 6441 days ago

A doctor is filming a video for a medical school class and some students scare him half to death.

Misses the Open Net 00:03

Misses the Open Net

by bizhat
2627 views, 6448 days ago

A hockey player gets free for an open break with an empty net and tries to get too fancy with it.

Nancy Grace Gets Punked 00:19

Nancy Grace Gets Punked

by bizhat
2617 views, 6410 days ago

Live on TV: Some guy pranks CNN and tells Nancy Grace that he thinks she\'s a \

Deputy Prime Minister Attacks! 00:45

Deputy Prime Minister Attacks!

by bizhat
2597 views, 6407 days ago

U.K. Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott cold cocks a protestor who nails him in the face with a pie.

flaming shot 00:23

flaming shot

by bizhat
2555 views, 6403 days ago

Alcohol is made for drinking. Not setting yourself on fire.

Granny is trying to cross 00:36

Granny is trying to cross

by bizhat
2552 views, 6409 days ago

dont be an ass

Best Buy Dancing Guy 01:26

Best Buy Dancing Guy

by bizhat
2499 views, 5821 days ago

Guy gets caught dancing at Best Buy

Canadian Idol Farts 00:16

Canadian Idol Farts

by bizhat
2453 views, 6414 days ago

Hilarity ensues when a contestant from Canadian Idol lets one rip during her audition.

Hypocrite Foley on AMW: \ 01:03

Hypocrite Foley on AMW: \

by bizhat
2433 views, 6411 days ago

This is at the end: Representative Foley: \

Stupid Team Assistant 00:11

Stupid Team Assistant

by bizhat
2418 views, 6448 days ago

A soccer player is injured and one of the team assistants is too stupid to carry his stretcher.

Vomit on Live TV 00:10

Vomit on Live TV

by bizhat
2394 views, 6403 days ago


Bridge Belly Flop 00:08

Bridge Belly Flop

by bizhat
2367 views, 6448 days ago

Two guys run and jump off of a bridge, but one clips his leg on the way over and falls awkwardly.

Oprah Pumps Her Own Gas 01:35

Oprah Pumps Her Own Gas

by bizhat
2356 views, 6414 days ago

Oprah pumps her own gas to prove that she is one of the people, even though she hasn\'t done it in 23 years. Hilarity ensues!

5 Free Android Application for Android Smartphones 09:02

5 Free Android Application for Android Smartphones

by creatandroidapp
2172 views, 3887 days ago

Meet The Best Applications For Android, Find Tutorials, News and Information applications android, free apps claim.

Baby cry 00:11

Baby cry

by ahgood
2003 views, 5980 days ago

Baby cry...

Snowboarder Breaks legs 00:13

Snowboarder Breaks legs

by bizhat
1879 views, 6409 days ago

pain woah!!

The Young Volumizer an incision less face lift alternative 00:33

The Young Volumizer an incision less face lift alternative

by drphilipyoungs
1843 views, 4683 days ago

You can look 10 years Younger with the Amazing Youngvolumizer. The Natural Facial Rejuvenating Procedure. The Youngvolumizer is not a facelift and requires No incisions, No General Anesthesia, and ...

Tv Heesh 01:00

Tv Heesh

by elishafasite.com
1688 views, 5782 days ago

Bem - Vindo à nossa Tv Heesh, o seu portal de videos e filmes da Atriz Elisha Cuthbert. ( Elisha Fã Site)

831777 00:43


by florist
1620 views, 6176 days ago