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Failed Purse Snatch 00:08

Failed Purse Snatch

by bizhat
2762 views, 6442 days ago

If you\'re going to steal a woman\'s purse, make sure she can\'t kick your ass if you don\'t succeed.

Avery Johnson Cup Check 00:15

Avery Johnson Cup Check

by bizhat
2749 views, 6442 days ago

Dallas Mavericks coach Avery Johnson motions for one of his players and hits him where it counts.

Sprite Beach Trick 00:44

Sprite Beach Trick

by bizhat
3296 views, 6442 days ago

A creepy guy keeps following a beautiful woman at the beach, so she plays a trick on him to escape.

Misses the Open Net 00:03

Misses the Open Net

by bizhat
2626 views, 6442 days ago

A hockey player gets free for an open break with an empty net and tries to get too fancy with it.

Bridge Belly Flop 00:08

Bridge Belly Flop

by bizhat
2365 views, 6442 days ago

Two guys run and jump off of a bridge, but one clips his leg on the way over and falls awkwardly.

Stupid Team Assistant 00:11

Stupid Team Assistant

by bizhat
2418 views, 6442 days ago

A soccer player is injured and one of the team assistants is too stupid to carry his stretcher.

Cheap Soccer Goal 00:11

Cheap Soccer Goal

by bizhat
2963 views, 6442 days ago

A player pretends to be injured, creating a distraction as one of his teammates scores.

Angry Hotel Maid 00:25

Angry Hotel Maid

by bizhat
4146 views, 6442 days ago

If you don\'t normally tip the maid when staying at hotels, this commercial might change your mind.

Free Breast Exams 00:20

Free Breast Exams

by bizhat
3715 views, 6442 days ago

Some creepy old guy actually convinced people he was a doctor going around giving free breast exams.

Mattress Commercial Mishap 00:37

Mattress Commercial Mishap

by bizhat
4260 views, 6435 days ago

A guy filming a cable TV commercial for his mattress shop misjudges a jump and falls hard.

Full Court Game Winner 00:18

Full Court Game Winner

by bizhat
2964 views, 6435 days ago

I\'ve seen my share of game-winning moments, but this full court basketball shot is truly amazing.

wmv video test 01:13

wmv video test

by bizhat
2735 views, 6433 days ago

test of wmv video

Bike Theft Gone Horribly Wrong 02:31

Bike Theft Gone Horribly Wrong

by bizhat
6925 views, 6432 days ago

The Neistat Brothers punk Fox News reporter Jodi Applegate with a fake injury during their on-air demonstration of how to steal a bike.

Matt Damon Flips Out on Jimmy Kimmel 02:45

Matt Damon Flips Out on Jimmy Kimmel

by bizhat
4341 views, 6420 days ago

Matt Damon lets loose with a shocking string of profanities after getting bumped from Jimmy Kimmel (for the millionth time).

Angry Professor vs. Cell Phone 00:36

Angry Professor vs. Cell Phone

by bizhat
2919 views, 6420 days ago

A college professor totally flips out when a student\'s cell phone rings in class.

Oprah Pumps Her Own Gas 01:35

Oprah Pumps Her Own Gas

by bizhat
2353 views, 6407 days ago

Oprah pumps her own gas to prove that she is one of the people, even though she hasn\'t done it in 23 years. Hilarity ensues!

Reporter Gets Hit On 00:46

Reporter Gets Hit On

by bizhat
3586 views, 6407 days ago

Some clown tries to stick a dollar bill down the blouse of a newswoman while she\'s reporting on the air.

Avril Lavigne Swears at Paparazzi 00:50

Avril Lavigne Swears at Paparazzi

by bizhat
4261 views, 6407 days ago

It\'s footage of Avril Lavigne swearing up a storm in front of the paparazzi.

The Totally Wasted Professor funny! 01:14

The Totally Wasted Professor funny!

by bizhat
3049 views, 6407 days ago

Business professor John Hall was recently fired from the University of Florida, presumably for getting totally stoned before a lecture. These are the totally awesome highlights.

Red Sox Boob Flash 00:12

Red Sox Boob Flash

by bizhat
5379 views, 6407 days ago

A timid exhibitionist behind home plate flashes the pitcher. It\'s a ball!

Kate Moss Cocaine Tape 04:00

Kate Moss Cocaine Tape

by bizhat
3678 views, 6407 days ago

Kate Moss is busted on tape when she busts out a few lines of somethin\' somethin\'. Allegedly.