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Innertuber Wipes Out 00:49

Innertuber Wipes Out

by bizhat
4372 views, 6398 days ago

A man gets towed behind a speed boat on a large innertube and eventually goes flying in the air.

News Reporter Pranked 00:56

News Reporter Pranked

by bizhat
4915 views, 6398 days ago

Some guy continues to interrupt a female reporter filming a news segment and finally she just snaps

Darth Vader being a jack ass 00:44

Darth Vader being a jack ass

by bizhat
3335 views, 6388 days ago

A funny clip where Darth Vader acts like a real jack ass! Funny Star Wars spoof :)

Iraq Hunting - Apache Style 01:07

Iraq Hunting - Apache Style

by bizhat
2969 views, 6361 days ago

Apache Helecoptor wipes out Iraqi Roadside Bomb Setters.

Hypocrite Foley on AMW: \ 01:03

Hypocrite Foley on AMW: \

by bizhat
2415 views, 6360 days ago

This is at the end: Representative Foley: \

Cows humping and then falls over 00:04

Cows humping and then falls over

by bizhat
3309 views, 6358 days ago

cow love

Idiot Walks in Front of Car 00:29

Idiot Walks in Front of Car

by bizhat
4916 views, 6352 days ago

Idiot Walks in Front of Car from google video

Best Buy Dancing Guy 01:26

Best Buy Dancing Guy

by bizhat
2483 views, 5771 days ago

Guy gets caught dancing at Best Buy

deneme 02:24


by qqwwqq
1449 views, 5703 days ago

deneme deneme

Canadian Idol Farts 00:16

Canadian Idol Farts

by bizhat
2437 views, 6363 days ago

Hilarity ensues when a contestant from Canadian Idol lets one rip during her audition.

Reporter Gets Nailed 00:10

Reporter Gets Nailed

by bizhat
11845 views, 6352 days ago

This poor reporter gets nailed during her live report.

Moving Corpse Prank 00:40

Moving Corpse Prank

by bizhat
2609 views, 6390 days ago

A doctor is filming a video for a medical school class and some students scare him half to death.

Amazing Racist 03:07

Amazing Racist

by bizhat
3784 views, 6363 days ago

A group of Mexican day laborers think they\'ve been hired for some hard work in the sun. Clearly, they\'ve never worked for the Amazing Racist.

J-LO News slip 00:28

J-LO News slip

by bizhat
9577 views, 6398 days ago

What do these reporters be thinking? Fox News anchor makes a Freudian slip when talking about Jennifer Lopez.

Cop Catches Mower Thief 00:54

Cop Catches Mower Thief

by bizhat
3980 views, 6398 days ago

A driver gets pulled over by a cop and when they inspect the trunk the cop sees something familiar

Jon Stewart on CNN 07:18

Jon Stewart on CNN

by bizhat
3281 views, 6397 days ago

The complete footage of Jon Stewart\'s now infamous appearance on CNN Crossfire.

Wave Interrupts Interview 00:30

Wave Interrupts Interview

by bizhat
3401 views, 6398 days ago

Bruce Willis is being interviewed in Cannes about his upcoming movie when a big wave interrupts.

Bully Receives Payback 00:47

Bully Receives Payback

by bizhat
3462 views, 6398 days ago

A bully picks on some kids and even kicks one in the head, then gets a taste of his own medicine.

Truck Rider Goes Flying 00:09

Truck Rider Goes Flying

by bizhat
2765 views, 6398 days ago

This guy learns the hard way that riding in the back of a truck is not nearly as safe as the cab.

Tyson Post Fight Interview 01:21

Tyson Post Fight Interview

by bizhat
2927 views, 6398 days ago

Classic clip of Mike Tyson revealing how truly insane he is with his comments after the fight.

Male Intuition Prank 03:52

Male Intuition Prank

by bizhat
3579 views, 6390 days ago

Guys are setup in a fake test group and the roles of the women in their lives comes into question.