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Aqua-Teen-Movie 02:26


by bizhat
2107 views, 6075 days ago

this is funny HAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ocean Chaos 02:21

Ocean Chaos

by sotv1
2100 views, 5867 days ago

Thousands of fish exploding around the boat! Looks like the ocean has a hole in it!

StarWarKid 01:49


by bizhat
1992 views, 6075 days ago


[BF2142] I Stab People! 01:50

[BF2142] I Stab People!

by bizhat
1966 views, 6075 days ago

I was having a night of slicing and dicing the other day, waiting for a tournament match... So funny :)

test 00:03


by wouter
1965 views, 6162 days ago


Frostbox - One Stop Backup For Social Media Junkies 01:40

Frostbox - One Stop Backup For Social Media Junkies

by frostbox
1938 views, 4284 days ago

Frostbox is a cool new way to back up your social media and files. It�s hard to imagine life without social media and with Frostbox you don�t have to. Instantly backup Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Fli...

Horse-Racing High-Jump! 00:18

Horse-Racing High-Jump!

by bizhat
1930 views, 6075 days ago

As they go round the race track, the jockey wants to go over a hedge - shame that the horse doesn't!!

cool 03:49


by krichards
1877 views, 5967 days ago

wow cool

Baseball accident 2 00:32

Baseball accident 2

by bizhat
1872 views, 6075 days ago

Can he have children after this? It must have hurt!

Soccer star shot by cop! 01:12

Soccer star shot by cop!

by bizhat
1869 views, 6075 days ago

An Argentinian soccer match ends in uproar and the police shoot a player.

Soccer Accident 00:09

Soccer Accident

by bizhat
1858 views, 6075 days ago

UEFA Championship, and the goalie gets hit by a firework.

They Start Them On Video Games Early 02:13

They Start Them On Video Games Early

by bizhat
1843 views, 5742 days ago

Check out the command perfoamnce given by this five year old on a round of Dance Dance revolution.

Baseball accident 00:27

Baseball accident

by bizhat
1841 views, 6075 days ago

It helps to look when you're running!

Soccer player in medic mishap 00:45

Soccer player in medic mishap

by bizhat
1837 views, 6075 days ago

Japanese soccar star gets injured and stretchered off the pitch, but is dropped by the medics.

battlefield 2142 stunt 2 (vibe) 06:50

battlefield 2142 stunt 2 (vibe)

by bizhat
1833 views, 6075 days ago

some gunship stunt action on the new Northern Strike maps.From (vibe)skorpionhuge www.vibeclan.com

Bored in the office! 00:17

Bored in the office!

by bizhat
1827 views, 6075 days ago

So THIS is what you get up to when there nothing to do at work!!

American Football 2005 season 02:53

American Football 2005 season

by bizhat
1807 views, 6075 days ago

Highlights from the NFL 2005 season.

The Bull Gnome 02:40

The Bull Gnome

by bizhat
1781 views, 6075 days ago

The true and deeply moving story of Marty Bone who was the victim of a hideous disease that distorted his face and body. ( If you know The Elephant Man, there's a chance you'll like it... If yo...

Psycho Xbox Woman 00:59

Psycho Xbox Woman

by bizhat
1772 views, 5761 days ago

She gets a little carried away

Sports bloopers 02:31

Sports bloopers

by bizhat
1769 views, 6075 days ago

Selection of the most hilariously funny sports bloopers.

Funny Commercial - Pepsi v CocaCola 00:29

Funny Commercial - Pepsi v CocaCola

by bizhat
1761 views, 6075 days ago

This explains WHY people buy Coke!