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elephant attacks 00:26

elephant attacks

by sibichan
1203 views, 5621 days ago

elephant attacks

snake kiss 00:30

snake kiss

by sibichan
1084 views, 5621 days ago

snake kiss

boat crash 00:18

boat crash

by sibichan
1433 views, 5621 days ago

boat crash

funny cow 01:00

funny cow

by sibichan
1091 views, 5622 days ago

funny cow

cvbc 02:57


by admintimmy
1029 views, 5682 days ago


Faintheart Movie 00:51

Faintheart Movie

by gumamela
1596 views, 5686 days ago

http://www.myspace.com/faintheartthemovie A romantic comedy set in the world of battle re-enactments, about an irresponsible guy who has to shape up in order to win back his wife.

That is one weird ass commerical 00:29

That is one weird ass commerical

by bizhat
1006 views, 5735 days ago

This is almost borderline creepy but makes me want to down down there and check out this guy's store.

Another VA Tech video 00:55

Another VA Tech video

by bizhat
1199 views, 5736 days ago

This will probably be the last one we post but I still hope for the best of everyone who was effected by this terrible even

They Start Them On Video Games Early 02:13

They Start Them On Video Games Early

by bizhat
1843 views, 5743 days ago

Check out the command perfoamnce given by this five year old on a round of Dance Dance revolution.

Beer Cap Girl 00:31

Beer Cap Girl

by bizhat
1277 views, 5761 days ago

This girl sure knows how to open a beer bottle!

 Missing Glass Door Prank 00:23

Missing Glass Door Prank

by bizhat
1649 views, 5761 days ago

This is cute

Filthy Briefs 00:28

Filthy Briefs

by bizhat
1015 views, 5761 days ago

What a nasty sight.

Knife Defense Video 01:43

Knife Defense Video

by bizhat
1167 views, 5762 days ago

Next time try running!!

JB & KG On LSD In The Desert 06:46

JB & KG On LSD In The Desert

by bizhat
1313 views, 5762 days ago

I promise you this will be the weirdest thing you see all week. Jack Black has done some wacky stuff in his time but they're normal compared to this!

Psycho Xbox Woman 00:59

Psycho Xbox Woman

by bizhat
1772 views, 5762 days ago

She gets a little carried away

Roofie Roulette 05:12

Roofie Roulette

by bizhat
1179 views, 5762 days ago

Frat boy pranks are carried to a horrifying extreme in this dark comedy. Featuring comics from NYC's Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.

Three Life Lines On 3rd Question 03:29

Three Life Lines On 3rd Question

by bizhat
1483 views, 5762 days ago

The quality of this recording isnt the greatest. Funny to see a guy waste all three life lines on a $300 question only to go against everyone who helped him and fail.

Freaky Dancing Kid 01:29

Freaky Dancing Kid

by bizhat
1270 views, 5763 days ago

This is just weird, but I love it.

Asians Learn Sexy English 03:01

Asians Learn Sexy English

by bizhat
1578 views, 5763 days ago

First they learn the words and then put them to use. I almost wet myself laughing when the guy goes, "Orh, Dis is Dick".You've got to hand it to them, they make some really funny (weird) clips.

Girl Face Plants 00:12

Girl Face Plants

by bizhat
1588 views, 5763 days ago

Girl Face Plants

 Ten Thousand Coin Dominoes 02:18

Ten Thousand Coin Dominoes

by bizhat
912 views, 5763 days ago

This must of taken an insane amount of time to set up. Dominoes suck enough to keep steady, but this guy uses 10,000 gold coins to set this up.