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Cold Outside wow 00:19

Cold Outside wow

by bizhat
3937 views, 6390 days ago

Cool video of some guy throwing a cup full of water in the air to demonstrate how cold it is.

Baseball Hits Seagull 00:40

Baseball Hits Seagull

by bizhat
2435 views, 6390 days ago

Strange incident at a minor-league baseball game in which a pitch strikes a seagull flying past.

Afraid of Pickles 03:57

Afraid of Pickles

by bizhat
5019 views, 6390 days ago

Some people are afraid of flying or heights, this girl just happens to be deathly afraid of pickles!

Wanted for Murder 02:07

Wanted for Murder

by bizhat
3206 views, 6390 days ago

A reporter is talking about a murder when the prime suspect casually walks up and says hello.