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storm chasers enthusiast 00:56

storm chasers enthusiast

by bizhat
4617 views, 6269 days ago

storm chasers enthusiast

meteor up close 00:25

meteor up close

by bizhat
3131 views, 6275 days ago

These guys are up close and personal for an incoming meteor that almost kills them looks fake

Baseball accident 2 00:32

Baseball accident 2

by bizhat
1843 views, 6000 days ago

Can he have children after this? It must have hurt!

Wanted for Murder 02:07

Wanted for Murder

by bizhat
3173 views, 6314 days ago

A reporter is talking about a murder when the prime suspect casually walks up and says hello.

test 00:03


by wouter
1928 views, 6087 days ago


Ipod Vs. Zune 01:32

Ipod Vs. Zune

by bizhat
1105 views, 6000 days ago


Soccer player in medic mishap 00:45

Soccer player in medic mishap

by bizhat
1809 views, 6000 days ago

Japanese soccar star gets injured and stretchered off the pitch, but is dropped by the medics.

live! turtle rape 01:29

live! turtle rape

by bizhat
3012 views, 6277 days ago

first time in viral video turtles making love in a very crazy way

Criss Angel pulls chic apart 02:13

Criss Angel pulls chic apart

by bizhat
2742 views, 6273 days ago

this dude is weird as hell

Cold Outside wow 00:19

Cold Outside wow

by bizhat
3904 views, 6314 days ago

Cool video of some guy throwing a cup full of water in the air to demonstrate how cold it is.

Soccer Foul 00:14

Soccer Foul

by bizhat
1704 views, 6000 days ago

A tackle goes bad for this soccer footballer.

American Football 2005 season 02:53

American Football 2005 season

by bizhat
1776 views, 6000 days ago

Highlights from the NFL 2005 season.

Lazy Sunday 02:20

Lazy Sunday

by bizhat
1212 views, 6000 days ago

Lazy Sunday

News anchor swears on live TV 00:51

News anchor swears on live TV

by bizhat
1584 views, 6000 days ago

ESPN news anchor swears on live TV.

Soccer Accident 00:09

Soccer Accident

by bizhat
1827 views, 6000 days ago

UEFA Championship, and the goalie gets hit by a firework.

Boxing knockouts 01:16

Boxing knockouts

by bizhat
1620 views, 6000 days ago

The top 10 boxing knockouts.

Afraid of Pickles 03:57

Afraid of Pickles

by bizhat
4980 views, 6314 days ago

Some people are afraid of flying or heights, this girl just happens to be deathly afraid of pickles!

Baseball Hits Seagull 00:40

Baseball Hits Seagull

by bizhat
2408 views, 6314 days ago

Strange incident at a minor-league baseball game in which a pitch strikes a seagull flying past.

60 Seconds of Iraqi Traffic 01:01

60 Seconds of Iraqi Traffic

by bizhat
3051 views, 6304 days ago

Think your commute is bad? Unless you work in Baghdad, you have no idea.

Levitation 00:58


by bizhat
2328 views, 6275 days ago

If you have notseen this guys shows you need to, he is absolutely INSANE

Vomit on Live TV 00:10

Vomit on Live TV

by bizhat
2335 views, 6269 days ago