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Criss Angel pulls chic apart 02:13

Criss Angel pulls chic apart

by bizhat
2789 views, 6356 days ago

this dude is weird as hell

More Live TV Mishaps 00:25

More Live TV Mishaps

by bizhat
2879 views, 6351 days ago

The weather man swears on live TV.

UFO 06:11


by bizhat
1369 views, 6083 days ago

trailer of UFO ET



by bizhat
2141 views, 6083 days ago

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by bizhat
1431 views, 6083 days ago

HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!!

Torquay girls 00:56

Torquay girls

by bizhat
2665 views, 6082 days ago


American Football 2005 season 02:53

American Football 2005 season

by bizhat
1811 views, 6082 days ago

Highlights from the NFL 2005 season.

Soccer Accident 00:09

Soccer Accident

by bizhat
1862 views, 6082 days ago

UEFA Championship, and the goalie gets hit by a firework.

Women Turning Men On!! 05:03

Women Turning Men On!!

by sibichan
3300 views, 5604 days ago

Women Turning Men On!!

Wanted for Murder 02:07

Wanted for Murder

by bizhat
3207 views, 6397 days ago

A reporter is talking about a murder when the prime suspect casually walks up and says hello.

Afraid of Pickles 03:57

Afraid of Pickles

by bizhat
5021 views, 6397 days ago

Some people are afraid of flying or heights, this girl just happens to be deathly afraid of pickles!

Baseball Hits Seagull 00:40

Baseball Hits Seagull

by bizhat
2437 views, 6397 days ago

Strange incident at a minor-league baseball game in which a pitch strikes a seagull flying past.

Cold Outside wow 00:19

Cold Outside wow

by bizhat
3938 views, 6397 days ago

Cool video of some guy throwing a cup full of water in the air to demonstrate how cold it is.

60 Seconds of Iraqi Traffic 01:01

60 Seconds of Iraqi Traffic

by bizhat
3088 views, 6387 days ago

Think your commute is bad? Unless you work in Baghdad, you have no idea.

live! turtle rape 01:29

live! turtle rape

by bizhat
3058 views, 6360 days ago

first time in viral video turtles making love in a very crazy way

meteor up close 00:25

meteor up close

by bizhat
3174 views, 6358 days ago

These guys are up close and personal for an incoming meteor that almost kills them looks fake

Levitation 00:58


by bizhat
2370 views, 6358 days ago

If you have notseen this guys shows you need to, he is absolutely INSANE

storm chasers enthusiast 00:56

storm chasers enthusiast

by bizhat
4711 views, 6351 days ago

storm chasers enthusiast

Vomit on Live TV 00:10

Vomit on Live TV

by bizhat
2377 views, 6351 days ago


test 00:03


by wouter
1967 views, 6170 days ago


WNYMMA @ Ontario Grappling Grand Prix 05:30

WNYMMA @ Ontario Grappling Grand Prix

by bizhat
1347 views, 6083 days ago

Edwin match 3