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That is one weird ass commerical 00:29

That is one weird ass commerical

by bizhat
982 views, 5659 days ago

This is almost borderline creepy but makes me want to down down there and check out this guy's store.

Faintheart Movie 00:51

Faintheart Movie

by gumamela
1573 views, 5610 days ago

http://www.myspace.com/faintheartthemovie A romantic comedy set in the world of battle re-enactments, about an irresponsible guy who has to shape up in order to win back his wife.

cvbc 02:57


by admintimmy
1015 views, 5606 days ago


funny cow 01:00

funny cow

by sibichan
1056 views, 5546 days ago

funny cow

boat crash 00:18

boat crash

by sibichan
1404 views, 5545 days ago

boat crash

snake kiss 00:30

snake kiss

by sibichan
1060 views, 5545 days ago

snake kiss

elephant attacks 00:26

elephant attacks

by sibichan
1177 views, 5545 days ago

elephant attacks

David Blaine Heart Magic 01:24

David Blaine Heart Magic

by sibichan
1445 views, 5536 days ago

David Blaine Heart Magic

ild Women Wrestling Roulette 02:46

ild Women Wrestling Roulette

by sibichan
1424 views, 5536 days ago

ild Women Wrestling Roulette 1980's

Dangerous Comedian 02:35

Dangerous Comedian

by sibichan
1027 views, 5531 days ago

Dangerous Comedian

Women Turning Men On!! 05:03

Women Turning Men On!!

by sibichan
3254 views, 5521 days ago

Women Turning Men On!!

dfdfdsfdsf 07:35


by madhukard
1010 views, 5516 days ago


Led Ceiling Fan 01:01

Led Ceiling Fan

by oakley701
1412 views, 5499 days ago

Here's a led ceiling fan I made.Other videos are at http://www.yourbestideas.net .Also I'm in need of some channel names for my Vshare site for ideas and inventions if you have any.I need some memb...

Traffic in Shenyang 02:52

Traffic in Shenyang

by robin
1097 views, 5455 days ago

Traffic in Shenang from 29th Floor Ibis

My Choice to Abuse Drugs 10:15

My Choice to Abuse Drugs

by arghbarf
1562 views, 5412 days ago

clip with strong quotes from the original books

Family Guy 00:34

Family Guy

by bizhat
1360 views, 5293 days ago

Family Guy

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 00:30

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

by sibichan
1609 views, 5290 days ago

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

test 00:08


by chadthesinger
1176 views, 5218 days ago


Ghostality finds Haunted Real Estate 03:36

Ghostality finds Haunted Real Estate

by Ghostality
1688 views, 5070 days ago

Visit us at Ghostality.Com-- Can you see the GHOST? Sometimes while searching for ghosts, they can't be found. Other times, you find yourself starring into the face of anomalous objects that seem t...

asdasdsfdsf 01:00


by c692207
1187 views, 4938 days ago


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by eyadoo
1149 views, 4765 days ago

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