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storm chasers enthusiast 00:56

storm chasers enthusiast

by bizhat
4532 views, 6013 days ago

storm chasers enthusiast

nacion 00:26


by test77777
1666 views, 4977 days ago


meteor up close 00:25

meteor up close

by bizhat
3066 views, 6019 days ago

These guys are up close and personal for an incoming meteor that almost kills them looks fake

High speed camera of bullets going through several objects 01:09

Gonna Make You Slug 00:53

Gonna Make You Slug

by bizhat
2362 views, 6017 days ago

animator makes little animation of some slugs getting down to a classic jam by C+C Music Factory.

Trick Soccer Penalty Kick 00:12

Trick Soccer Penalty Kick

by bizhat
1960 views, 5431 days ago

Check out this penalty kick. Looks normal at normal speed but watch as he actually kicks the ball from behind his right leg.

Basshunter - DotA(Remix) 03:04

Basshunter - DotA(Remix)

by Dibiase
1052 views, 5221 days ago

Basshunter - DotA(Remix)

test 00:47


by mfk1990
998 views, 5022 days ago


Canguro Feliz 00:22

Canguro Feliz

by rjpons
6171 views, 5762 days ago

Mientras una persona habla a la camara, atras un canguro se dedica a hacerse el mono

29th July WRWMK-3 07:22

29th July WRWMK-3

by sonyfan28
1572 views, 5356 days ago

29th July WRWMK-3

a woman has recorded her whole day, this is so COOL 01:00

a woman has recorded her whole day, this is so COOL

by goodmorning09
4482 views, 4852 days ago

there is a random lady whose dress got stuck in the cap and a cuttiest baby crying for an icecream cone. Hilarious and CUTE!

Criss Angel pulls chic apart 02:13

Criss Angel pulls chic apart

by bizhat
2678 views, 6018 days ago

this dude is weird as hell

Cold Outside wow 00:19

Cold Outside wow

by bizhat
3832 views, 6059 days ago

Cool video of some guy throwing a cup full of water in the air to demonstrate how cold it is.



by bizhat
6316 views, 6013 days ago

An incredible video of a guy doing a backflip on an ATV over a moving train!

شاعر المليون 2 - الحلقه الثالثه - ناصر الفراعنه السبيعي 09:32

شاعر المليون 2 - الحلقه الثالثه - ناصر الفراعنه السبيعي

by hadi
2100 views, 5543 days ago

من جد خطييييييييييير ما شاء الله عليه بس وربي أني أسمي لي طلع يخوووف حتى عيونه تخوف أحسه مخاوي سمعت له 5 قصايد وكلهن فيهن جن وإبليس وهالخرابيط ما دري وش فيه هالرجال شكله مخاااااااااوي ..

casio babe 01:23

casio babe

by bizhat
7144 views, 6020 days ago

too much detail! if you go down to the woods today.....

sdfa 00:18


by gexain
1282 views, 5726 days ago


Bus Does a Wheelie 00:35

Bus Does a Wheelie

by bizhat
2447 views, 6059 days ago

Okay, so the yellow school bus doesn't actually win the race, but it does get up and do a wheelie.

Dunk and the Assist 00:15

Dunk and the Assist

by bizhat
2920 views, 6059 days ago

Amazing basketball clip in which a player passes himself the ball to assist his own slam dunk.

Fuzzy Zoeller Hole in One 00:35

Fuzzy Zoeller Hole in One

by bizhat
2903 views, 6059 days ago

Golfer Fuzzy Zoeller hits the ball on the fringe, leading to one of the coolest hole-in-ones ever. awesome shot!

Failed Purse Snatch 00:08

Failed Purse Snatch

by bizhat
2642 views, 6059 days ago

If you\'re going to steal a woman\'s purse, make sure she can\'t kick your ass if you don\'t succeed.