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Best Buy Dancing Guy 01:26

Best Buy Dancing Guy

by bizhat
2531 views, 5905 days ago

Guy gets caught dancing at Best Buy

mudhal murai (Tamil Song) 01:00

mudhal murai (Tamil Song)

by jega1
1243 views, 4852 days ago

mudhal murai Adhe Neram Adhe Idam

WNBC Intro 00:13

WNBC Intro

by wrajradio
2422 views, 6253 days ago

This is just a test

Barcardi Cola 00:30

Barcardi Cola

by bizhat
1500 views, 6195 days ago

Barcardi Cola

cgfn 01:03


by skiw
1502 views, 6060 days ago


gdsgsd 01:56


by park
1890 views, 6287 days ago


Kanichukulangara Utsav 01:24

Kanichukulangara Utsav

by suneesh
1999 views, 5583 days ago

Kanichukulangara Utsav. One of the famouse festival in Kerala...

Cyber Sex Gone Bad 00:29

Cyber Sex Gone Bad

by bizhat
4405 views, 6532 days ago

Commercial in which a teenager learns the hard way that cyber sex may not be worth the trouble.

Sprite Beach Trick 00:44

Sprite Beach Trick

by bizhat
3338 views, 6532 days ago

A creepy guy keeps following a beautiful woman at the beach, so she plays a trick on him to escape.

Mattress Commercial Mishap 00:37

Mattress Commercial Mishap

by bizhat
4300 views, 6524 days ago

A guy filming a cable TV commercial for his mattress shop misjudges a jump and falls hard.

Napster Girl 01:08

Napster Girl

by bizhat
4458 views, 6522 days ago

Napster presents a new twist on the good ol\' fashioned striptease.

funniest advert 01:01

funniest advert

by bizhat
2500 views, 6494 days ago

funny dog commercial

Funny commercial from the Netherlands 01:10

Funny commercial from the Netherlands

by bizhat
3050 views, 6486 days ago


The David Zucker Albright Ad 01:32

The David Zucker Albright Ad

by bizhat
2199 views, 6486 days ago

The David Zucker Albright Ad

Worst plane landing ever 00:29

Worst plane landing ever

by bizhat
3578 views, 6486 days ago

Worst landing ever - COMPLETE VERSION

WiigleTV.com Cool Commercial Airfreshner 00:14

WiigleTV.com Cool Commercial Airfreshner

by cg5050
2795 views, 6287 days ago

WiigleTV.com Cool Commercial Airfreshner

America! 00:27


by o90x42424
1411 views, 6237 days ago

Heil Bush

mostra londrina de cinema 00:29

mostra londrina de cinema

by baracat
1390 views, 6207 days ago

vt mostra londrina

Test 00:28


by predtech2
1119 views, 6141 days ago

my description

Zebras like milk? 54:15

Zebras like milk?

by joecool6101
1625 views, 6147 days ago

never would of guessed