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Paris Hilton Parody - Jail Song 02:47

Paris Hilton Parody - Jail Song

by bizhat
32892 views, 6078 days ago

Paris Hilton Parody - Jail Song

Nice parking 00:35

Nice parking

by vndesire
19619 views, 6075 days ago

Mazda commercial ads

Canguro Feliz 00:22

Canguro Feliz

by rjpons
6294 views, 6089 days ago

Mientras una persona habla a la camara, atras un canguro se dedica a hacerse el mono

Footage Moon Walk Classified 00:32

Footage Moon Walk Classified

by bizhat
3707 views, 6381 days ago

Footage Moon Walk Classified

The Totally Wasted Professor funny! 01:14

The Totally Wasted Professor funny!

by bizhat
3029 views, 6352 days ago

Business professor John Hall was recently fired from the University of Florida, presumably for getting totally stoned before a lecture. These are the totally awesome highlights.

Deputy Prime Minister Attacks! 00:45

Deputy Prime Minister Attacks!

by bizhat
2576 views, 6345 days ago

U.K. Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott cold cocks a protestor who nails him in the face with a pie.

Hallo 08:19


by admin
1897 views, 6019 days ago

Malayalm film Hallo

Evolution of dance 00:53

Evolution of dance

by entersandman
1075 views, 5599 days ago


a woman has recorded her whole day, this is so COOL 01:00

a woman has recorded her whole day, this is so COOL

by goodmorning09
4595 views, 5180 days ago

there is a random lady whose dress got stuck in the cap and a cuttiest baby crying for an icecream cone. Hilarious and CUTE!

Girl cut in half! 02:13

Girl cut in half!

by bizhat
3611 views, 5269 days ago

A girl is seperated by Criss Angel in a park.

test mp4 02:35

test mp4

by sibichan
1599 views, 4605 days ago

test mp4

I'm the juggernaut 09:09

I'm the juggernaut

by videoshareit
1197 views, 4538 days ago

I'm the juggernaut

Arabic : Lesson 1 00:18

Arabic : Lesson 1

by nobodynowhere
812 views, 3900 days ago

Learn arabic

Pervert Golf Instructor 01:55

Pervert Golf Instructor

by bizhat
3464 views, 6387 days ago

Prank with a golf instructor and a few female pupils getting a little frisky during the lesson.

America United 00:55

America United

by bizhat
7029 views, 6387 days ago

Funny skit from Dave Chappelle's Show featuring a lot of different stereotypes on a single airplane.

Cyber Sex Gone Bad 00:29

Cyber Sex Gone Bad

by bizhat
4343 views, 6387 days ago

Commercial in which a teenager learns the hard way that cyber sex may not be worth the trouble.

Whatever It Is 00:57

Whatever It Is

by bizhat
2833 views, 6387 days ago

Anyone who has made a late night purchase on eBay will appreciate this spoof of their ad campaign.

Distracted by Halle Berry 01:21

Distracted by Halle Berry

by bizhat
4492 views, 6387 days ago

A TV host loses his train of thought while staring at Halle Berry's breasts during the interview.

Urban or Rural? 01:01

Urban or Rural?

by bizhat
2654 views, 6386 days ago

Classic clip of a ditzy blonde on The Newlyweds Show that doesn\'t know what urban or rural means.

Human Golf Tee 00:18

Human Golf Tee

by bizhat
2748 views, 6386 days ago

A few too many beers at the 19th hole and this guy is driving golf balls from his buddy\'s mouth.

Rapping Traffic Girl 00:40

Rapping Traffic Girl

by bizhat
3074 views, 6386 days ago

The morning news traffic girl decides to mix it up with a rap song version of the traffic report.