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Fat Kid Falls Head First Off A Van 00:37

Fat Kid Falls Head First Off A Van

by bizhat
1244 views, 5006 days ago

He slips and hits the ground hard, landing on his shoulder.

George Bush Little Richard 00:59

George Bush Little Richard

by bizhat
2278 views, 5006 days ago

The daily show does a great spoof on a Geico commercial with George W and Little Richard.

Extreme Ironing 01:12

Extreme Ironing

by bizhat
1344 views, 5006 days ago

The latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt.

Strange Talking Bird 03:26

Strange Talking Bird

by bizhat
893 views, 5006 days ago

This bird speaks as if it is possessed.

Nasty Stage Fall 00:26

Nasty Stage Fall

by bizhat
1109 views, 5006 days ago

Watch this tv guest take a nasty fall off the stage after being introduced. Hey Johnny tell him what he's won, a free week in the hospital!

How Italians Tell the Time 01:03

How Italians Tell the Time

by bizhat
873 views, 5005 days ago

Funny skit. Have to watch this to see how Italians tell the time :)

Kinder JackAss 01:32

Kinder JackAss

by bizhat
898 views, 5005 days ago

The Kiddy version of JackAss

Nut Kick Collection 02:25

Nut Kick Collection

by bizhat
672 views, 5005 days ago

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch etc

Don't jump to conclusions 00:25

Don't jump to conclusions

by bizhat
902 views, 5005 days ago

Another guy celebrates too early

دجاجة 00:38


by alriemi
494 views, 4997 days ago


Obese Turkey 00:19

Obese Turkey

by bizhat
1196 views, 5005 days ago

Obese turkey eating woman

March Madness 00:38

March Madness

by bizhat
874 views, 5004 days ago

Incredible last second shot

Chicken Dinner Factory 02:04

Chicken Dinner Factory

by bizhat
1288 views, 5004 days ago

I Love Chicken???

kareena kapoor hot video 00:26

kareena kapoor hot video

by rajanin
3668 views, 4999 days ago

small clip shows kareena kapoor hot stills

Spider Dog, Spider Dog, Does Whatever A Spiderdog Can 00:19

Spider Dog, Spider Dog, Does Whatever A Spiderdog Can

by bizhat
656 views, 4986 days ago

If you've seen the Simpsons Movie, you know all about SpiderPig, this however, is SpiderDog.

Stomach of Fire: The Habanero Story 00:48

Stomach of Fire: The Habanero Story

by bizhat
730 views, 4986 days ago

Check out this dude eating an entire, dangerously hot, habanero pepper.He looks like he's going tospontainiously combust!

Bruce Lee painting by karate 01:36

Bruce Lee painting by karate

by bizhat
1062 views, 4979 days ago

Some guy paints a picture of Bruce Lee using nothing but karate moves.

Drifting Tanks 02:54

Drifting Tanks

by bizhat
690 views, 4979 days ago

And you thought drifting cars was cool. Even think about doing it with a tank?

Babies laughing will make you laugh 00:34

Babies laughing will make you laugh

by bizhat
941 views, 4979 days ago

These babies laughing made me laugh. The first one is laughing at Nintendo Wii.

Shooter gets shot 00:55

Shooter gets shot

by bizhat
1192 views, 4978 days ago

*Beware - Some may find this material graphic* This guy thought he would save the day but now he may not live through the day.

Folding a shirt tricks 02:54

Folding a shirt tricks

by bizhat
878 views, 4978 days ago

I only need to know how to fold a shirt one different way but apparently some people need many different ways.