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Paris Hilton Parody - Jail Song 02:47

Paris Hilton Parody - Jail Song

by bizhat
32897 views, 6082 days ago

Paris Hilton Parody - Jail Song

Nice parking 00:35

Nice parking

by vndesire
19625 views, 6079 days ago

Mazda commercial ads

The Greatest Story never told 00:00

The Greatest Story never told

by garuda
2239 views, 6039 days ago

great story

HEH 00:23


by efunny
2061 views, 6036 days ago


Confused Confessions 01:35

Confused Confessions

by bizhat
2344 views, 6383 days ago

A man decides to come clean about his affair, but he has the different parts of his life mixed up.

Crazy Japanese Show 01:38

Crazy Japanese Show

by bizhat
11787 views, 6381 days ago

It\'s not evident what this Japanese game show is about, but there\'s a girl, a bikini and some rope

test 00:10


by bizhat
3401 views, 6368 days ago


The Totally Wasted Professor funny! 01:14

The Totally Wasted Professor funny!

by bizhat
3030 views, 6356 days ago

Business professor John Hall was recently fired from the University of Florida, presumably for getting totally stoned before a lecture. These are the totally awesome highlights.

German Weather Lady Can\'t Stop Laughing 00:57

German Weather Lady Can\'t Stop Laughing

by bizhat
3726 views, 6356 days ago

Laughing during a weather report appears to be a universal phenomenon.

Sesame Streets 01:51

Sesame Streets

by bizhat
2413 views, 6356 days ago

This brilliantly inspired mashup features your favorite characters from Sesame Street, as directed by Martin Scorsese.

Dave Chappelle - 2pac song 03:27

Dave Chappelle - 2pac song

by bizhat
4416 views, 6352 days ago

2pac song

Why Macs Suck 01:08

Why Macs Suck

by bizhat
3454 views, 6345 days ago


bubu 00:31


by siski78
1588 views, 6179 days ago

best comercial video by ikea

Canguro Feliz 00:22

Canguro Feliz

by rjpons
6295 views, 6094 days ago

Mientras una persona habla a la camara, atras un canguro se dedica a hacerse el mono

Pepsi vs Coke 00:56

Pepsi vs Coke

by Sorin
1432 views, 6090 days ago

Why choose one and not the other...

Cup Holder 00:26

Cup Holder

by spyke
1297 views, 6059 days ago

Cup Holder

Strange Faces 01:39

Strange Faces

by alexx
1709 views, 6026 days ago

strange Faces that can make

Hallo 08:19


by admin
1898 views, 6023 days ago

Malayalm film Hallo

funny 00:46


by kamtcho
1230 views, 5988 days ago


The Original Human TETRIS Performance 02:38

The Original Human TETRIS Performance

by shazanir
1316 views, 5895 days ago

TETRIS played by real human-beings sitting in an auditorium: TETRIS is the 4th video performance of the GAME OVER Project, directed by the Swiss artist Guillaume REYMOND (NOTsoNOISY creative agency...

aaaaaaaa 04:31


by majdy123
1206 views, 5893 days ago