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Soldiers Take Out Statue 01:05

Soldiers Take Out Statue

by bizhat
1439 views, 5688 days ago

Hmmm, what can we do with this statue of Saddam? Wait I know..

Tank Crush 00:11

Tank Crush

by bizhat
1422 views, 5685 days ago

Tank crushes a pink vehicule

testtesttesttest 00:07


by demouser
1395 views, 4733 days ago


testing 01:00


by cddesi
1371 views, 4947 days ago

test for video upload

saidaiji eyou 00:32

saidaiji eyou

by lunapic
1366 views, 5776 days ago

saidaiji eyou japanese carnival

BMX Face Plant 01:12

BMX Face Plant

by bizhat
1352 views, 5687 days ago

Lol at the camera man. "Dude let me see your face!"

Soldier With The Magic Stick 00:49

Soldier With The Magic Stick

by bizhat
1312 views, 5688 days ago

Its David Blain in the desert!

 Beer Shotgun With Taser 00:39

Beer Shotgun With Taser

by bizhat
1283 views, 5687 days ago

Moron gets hit with a taser while shot gunning a beer.

peace 02:52


by cheers
1237 views, 5462 days ago


test 03:36


by arcvox
1235 views, 5575 days ago


Prueba de usuario 00:03

Prueba de usuario

by webquintana
1190 views, 5456 days ago

Esta es una prueba de usuario

arroz 04:06


by diegoizidro
1185 views, 5574 days ago


Trophy Tank Defence 02:48

Trophy Tank Defence

by bizhat
1179 views, 5686 days ago

This incredible technology is an anti-RPG defense system.It creates a force field around the tank. .

test 01:00


by eminemdi
1169 views, 4918 days ago

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Soldiers have to stay entertain some how 00:19

Soldiers have to stay entertain some how

by bizhat
1161 views, 5657 days ago

And whats better than blowing stuff up?

Terrorist Bloopers 03:03

Terrorist Bloopers

by bizhat
1158 views, 5688 days ago

Call 1-800-HA-JIHAD Now!

Incoming Missles At Military Base 02:45

Incoming Missles At Military Base

by bizhat
1086 views, 5685 days ago

Don't want to be there!

Got to level 60 01:04

Got to level 60

by bizhat
1072 views, 5688 days ago

Thought he got laid but he just made it to level 60 in World of Warcraft

My First Video Post 00:15

My First Video Post

by bolbols
1054 views, 4016 days ago

http://www.toyoureljanna.com My First Video Post

Testing upload 00:30

Testing upload

by suneesh123
988 views, 2756 days ago

Upload tester

montage 00:45


by dylanpl
985 views, 4965 days ago