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St Angelo fort 00:38

St Angelo fort

by bizhat1
13337 views, 4935 days ago

Portuguese fort 3 km from Kannur

wtf yguyg uygyu i 00:57

wtf yguyg uygyu i

by kristaps
5283 views, 4891 days ago


Gay Top Gun 03:09

Gay Top Gun

by bizhat
4421 views, 5381 days ago

Hilarious video of Quentin Tarantino explaining how Top Gun is really a story about homosexually repressed pilots, alongside clips from the movie.

Police Arrest 5-year-old 00:30

Police Arrest 5-year-old

by bizhat
3575 views, 5966 days ago

When a kindergartner started acting up, the police were called to take action. Now some lawyer is threatening to sue. SHARE THIS VIDEO AND PUT A STOP TO THIS MESS!!!!!!!!!!

Woman Tazered !! Ouch !! Insane Clip ! 01:04

Woman Tazered !! Ouch !! Insane Clip !

by bizhat
3512 views, 5968 days ago

Woman Tazered !! Ouch !! Insane Clip ! Honey, that must have hurt !!

The Fainting Soldier 00:17

The Fainting Soldier

by bizhat
3225 views, 6008 days ago

A U.S. soldier in Iraq faints in the middle of an award ceremony after a late night of drinking.

Iraq Hunting - Apache Style 01:07

Iraq Hunting - Apache Style

by bizhat
2863 views, 5971 days ago

Apache Helecoptor wipes out Iraqi Roadside Bomb Setters.

Nuclear Explosion ! ATTENTION EXTREME !!! 00:20

Nuclear Explosion ! ATTENTION EXTREME !!!

by bizhat
2630 views, 5968 days ago

Nuclear Explosion ! ATTENTION EXTREME !!!

Israeli TV - 14 year old Suicide Bomber 02:52

Israeli TV - 14 year old Suicide Bomber

by bizhat
1809 views, 5705 days ago

Israeli TV - 14 year old Suicide Bomber

US Soldiers Tease Iraqi Kids 01:05

US Soldiers Tease Iraqi Kids

by bizhat
1652 views, 5381 days ago

These poor little buggers were running after the soldiers wanting a bottle of water. How out of order is that?!

Remote Control F14 Tomcat 02:10

Remote Control F14 Tomcat

by bizhat
1625 views, 5671 days ago

Remote Control F14 Tomcat

Military video: Torpedo hits a Destroyer 00:47

Military video: Torpedo hits a Destroyer

by bizhat
1611 views, 5359 days ago

Here's a clip from a military documentary on an American Destroyer getting hit by a torpedo. Awesome real explosion.

asdasd 11:00


by djrocx
1610 views, 4908 days ago


 LAPD Use Excessive Force 00:19

LAPD Use Excessive Force

by bizhat
1586 views, 5380 days ago

Apparently the police man was punching the suspect in self defense (must protect the Donuts!). There's not an awful lot you can do with a knee in the neck so how they class this as self defense I d...

Mexican Police beat civilian 00:44

Mexican Police beat civilian

by bizhat
1499 views, 5351 days ago

I always knew they were crazy but shit! This makes me never want to do anything wrong EVER in Mexico.

sssssss 00:11


by slac
1445 views, 4997 days ago

ssss ssss

Gas Tank Explosion 00:21

Gas Tank Explosion

by bizhat
1443 views, 5379 days ago

This is a video of my boss when he tried to cut a car in half.He obviously didn't make sure if there was any gas left.

test 02:31


by sawyer8x
1427 views, 5215 days ago


Boxing Knock Out In Iraq 00:49

Boxing Knock Out In Iraq

by bizhat
1388 views, 5379 days ago

The way he hit the ground would have knocked him out for even longer.

Soldiers Take Out Statue 01:05

Soldiers Take Out Statue

by bizhat
1369 views, 5381 days ago

Hmmm, what can we do with this statue of Saddam? Wait I know..