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Incoming Missles At Military Base 02:45

Incoming Missles At Military Base

by bizhat
952 views, 5158 days ago

Don't want to be there!

Trophy Tank Defence 02:48

Trophy Tank Defence

by bizhat
1057 views, 5159 days ago

This incredible technology is an anti-RPG defense system.It creates a force field around the tank. .

Boxing Knock Out In Iraq 00:49

Boxing Knock Out In Iraq

by bizhat
1340 views, 5159 days ago

The way he hit the ground would have knocked him out for even longer.

Gas Tank Explosion 00:21

Gas Tank Explosion

by bizhat
1393 views, 5159 days ago

This is a video of my boss when he tried to cut a car in half.He obviously didn't make sure if there was any gas left.

BMX Face Plant 01:12

BMX Face Plant

by bizhat
1219 views, 5160 days ago

Lol at the camera man. "Dude let me see your face!"

 LAPD Use Excessive Force 00:19

LAPD Use Excessive Force

by bizhat
1533 views, 5160 days ago

Apparently the police man was punching the suspect in self defense (must protect the Donuts!). There's not an awful lot you can do with a knee in the neck so how they class this as self defense I d...

 Beer Shotgun With Taser 00:39

Beer Shotgun With Taser

by bizhat
1147 views, 5160 days ago

Moron gets hit with a taser while shot gunning a beer.

US Soldiers Tease Iraqi Kids 01:05

US Soldiers Tease Iraqi Kids

by bizhat
1592 views, 5160 days ago

These poor little buggers were running after the soldiers wanting a bottle of water. How out of order is that?!

Gay Top Gun 03:09

Gay Top Gun

by bizhat
4357 views, 5160 days ago

Hilarious video of Quentin Tarantino explaining how Top Gun is really a story about homosexually repressed pilots, alongside clips from the movie.

Soldier With The Magic Stick 00:49

Soldier With The Magic Stick

by bizhat
1183 views, 5161 days ago

Its David Blain in the desert!

Got to level 60 01:04

Got to level 60

by bizhat
950 views, 5161 days ago

Thought he got laid but he just made it to level 60 in World of Warcraft

Soldiers Take Out Statue 01:05

Soldiers Take Out Statue

by bizhat
1310 views, 5161 days ago

Hmmm, what can we do with this statue of Saddam? Wait I know..

Terrorist Bloopers 03:03

Terrorist Bloopers

by bizhat
1028 views, 5161 days ago

Call 1-800-HA-JIHAD Now!

saidaiji eyou 00:32

saidaiji eyou

by lunapic
1232 views, 5249 days ago

saidaiji eyou japanese carnival

Remote Control F14 Tomcat 02:10

Remote Control F14 Tomcat

by bizhat
1562 views, 5450 days ago

Remote Control F14 Tomcat

Israeli TV - 14 year old Suicide Bomber 02:52

Israeli TV - 14 year old Suicide Bomber

by bizhat
1740 views, 5485 days ago

Israeli TV - 14 year old Suicide Bomber

Police Arrest 5-year-old 00:30

Police Arrest 5-year-old

by bizhat
3512 views, 5746 days ago

When a kindergartner started acting up, the police were called to take action. Now some lawyer is threatening to sue. SHARE THIS VIDEO AND PUT A STOP TO THIS MESS!!!!!!!!!!

Nuclear Explosion ! ATTENTION EXTREME !!! 00:20

Nuclear Explosion ! ATTENTION EXTREME !!!

by bizhat
2571 views, 5748 days ago

Nuclear Explosion ! ATTENTION EXTREME !!!

Woman Tazered !! Ouch !! Insane Clip ! 01:04

Woman Tazered !! Ouch !! Insane Clip !

by bizhat
3446 views, 5748 days ago

Woman Tazered !! Ouch !! Insane Clip ! Honey, that must have hurt !!

Iraq Hunting - Apache Style 01:07

Iraq Hunting - Apache Style

by bizhat
2801 views, 5751 days ago

Apache Helecoptor wipes out Iraqi Roadside Bomb Setters.

The Fainting Soldier 00:17

The Fainting Soldier

by bizhat
3166 views, 5788 days ago

A U.S. soldier in Iraq faints in the middle of an award ceremony after a late night of drinking.